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Quick Center Gets a New Website

It’s the feel of the tickets in your hands, the hum of the sounds in the lobby, the magic hush that falls when the lights dim. It’s where you disconnect to find yourself the most connected. Movement that shakes you, music that inspires you, colors that dazzle you. It’s history and legacy meets the modern and unexpected, where stories meet life, and life meets art. In the heart of your community, you’ll find the center of it all.

Welcome back to the Quick Center for the Arts.

And welcome to the Quick Center’s new website that is just one of the many elements of an overall branding change to kickoff the 2015-16 season.

Introduced last month to kick off the Quick Center’s 25th Anniversary celebration, the Marketing and Communications department in collaboration with the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts team, is proud to present a new and improved way of interacting with the Quick Center.

Jennifer Anderson, AVP for Marketing and Communications, reports that, “With all the creativity coming out of the Quick Center, it was only fitting that the website reflect that vibe. We want our patrons and campus community to get a glimpse into the doors of the Quick Center every time they go online to look at our offerings. The new website has allowed us to do exactly this.”

Check out the Quick Center's 25th Anniversary season and the state-of-the-art website today.

Last modified:  Thu, 23 Jul 2015 09:04:00 EDT


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