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"Flying Travel Seminar" to Florence in January, 2014

“Flying Travel Seminar”: Florentine Art, Spirituality, and Patronage in the Medici Dynasty's Golden Age
January 1-12, 2014

Philip and Yael Eliasoph in FlorenceGuides: Professors Philip Eliasoph (Art History) and Yael Eliasoph (Italian Language)

With the mission of lifelong learning in mind, the Office of International Programs is offering a double-tiered “flying seminar” to Florence, Italy, in conjunction with the Winter Intersession course, “Early Renaissance Art in Italy,” taught by Professors Philip and Yael Eliasoph.

The seminar offers a unique on-site immersion into the matrix of Florentine art, culture, faith, and political history of the Italian Renaissance and its impact on the modern world. Each day will begin at Fairfield University's Study Abroad Center in a 16th century palazzo/classroom with an orientation slide talk. From there, participants will venture out into the "Cradle of the Renaissance," taking first-hand inspiration and enjoyment standing before masterpieces by Giotto, Donatello, Botticelli, Michelangelo, and others.

“This inter-generational program is open to all-students, alumni, 'lifelong learners,' and Italophiles—from those who have never toured central Italy to the seasoned veteran looking for a more in-depth appreciation of Italy’s immense artistic heritage,” said Dr. Eliasoph.

In a carefully constructed itinerary featuring the most significant monuments of Renaissance art, sculpture, and architecture, travelers will reflect and analyze the matrix of forces creating these inspiring masterpieces under the Medicis’ dynastic supervision. Participants will see and experience first-hand a process in which the actions of “Painters/ Politics / Piety/ Propaganda/ Princes and Popes” transformed the visual arts of the western mind.

Additional day trips to Siena and Assisi will expand appreciation and enjoyment of the Golden Age of the Italian Renaissance. ‌

Space is limited. Visit the International Programs website soon for an updated brochure, including costs and details for each day.

Call or e-mail Sharon Wilcox in the Study Abroad Office at (203) 254-4000, ext. 4124, for more information.

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