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Fairfield Near the Top in Return on Investment Ranking

Fairfield University has earned high marks in the “AC Online: Highest Return on Investment Colleges in Connecticut” rankings, announced this week. Of the 108 colleges surveyed in the state, the online college affordability website ranked the top 16 colleges that provided students the biggest return on investment.  Fairfield was ranked third, following only Yale University and the University of Connecticut.

The rankings were determined by assessing net tuition prices (Provided by IPEDS/NCES) of the state's four-year, not-for-profit and accredited institutions. Then the assessment measured the average starting salaries for graduates, and a return on investment calculation (Provided by Payscale).

"The value of a Fairfield education is measured in more than dollars, though it is quite heartening to see this measure of our value proposition," said Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J., Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. "Our alumni certainly live lives of productivity and professional success. They also contribute much to the common good by their integrity, creativity, and human kindness. They strengthen neighborhoods and communities by their civic engagement and their commitment to peace and justice. And of course, many form and foster families where children are raised to emulate their parents. We see this in the children of alumni who grace our campus as students, and this gives the faculty and staff of Fairfield University our greatest sense of pride in accomplishment."

To see the rankings go to www.affordablecollegesonline.org/online-colleges/connecticut/

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