The Stories of 10 Alumni Couples That Had Their Start in Stag Country

The Stories of 10 Alumni Couples That Had Their Start in Stag Country

Did you know that 10% of Fairfield's alumni are married to fellow Stags? Here are just a few of the many stories of alumni couples (StagMates) that had their start in Stag Country.

1.  Catherine (White) Guszowski ’96 & John Guszkowski ’96

Catherine was the first person John met, in his first class, during his first day at Fairfield. A whole lot of firsts, led to a lifetime of love! John described her as “the sort of girl you hope to meet in college” and after two years of being friends, they officially began dating their junior year and have been together since then.

2.  Lori (McDonald) DeLise ’84 & Antonio DeLise ’83

When Antonio snuck a bite out of Lori’s hamburger in the Tully, he stole her heart—not just her lunch. They dated throughout college, and returned to their old stomping grounds in 1986 for a quick peek into their old dorm—Loyola Hall. When they came to the second floor landing where they had shared their first kiss, Antonio asked Lori to marry him.

3.  Kelly (Young) Falcone ’10 and Eric Falcone ’08

Kelly and Eric were friends all throughout their Fairfield years, unaware of what the future had in store for them. It was not until Eric returned for his first Alumni & Family Weekend Kelly’s junior year, that they reconnected and began their love story. Father Charles H. Allen, S.J. officiated their wedding, and they had a Fairfield-inspired reception, all the way down to the tables being named after a favorite location at Fairfield University, including Townhouse 141 where their friendship first began.

4.  Sandra (Stock) Beyerly ’02 & Mark Beyerly ’95

The Egan Chapel became a second home to Sanda and Mark throughout their love story. Mark, a Fairfield alumnus, was subbing for Egan Chapel’s usual pianist—Sanda sang with the liturgical music group. Their friendship escalated with a first date two years later. Now the The Egan Chapel is remembered as the place they met, were married, and where their children were baptized.

5.  Allison (White) Marshall ’74 and Donald Marshall ’71

One dance together in the Japanese Garden and the rest was history. The next school year, Donald summoned the courage to ask Allison out for dinner. They were engaged by March of Allison’s senior year (1974) and married in 1975.

6.  Andrea (Renzoni) Bascetta ’85 and Sebastian Richard Bascetta ’85

A simple note exchanged in a music class was the start of Andrea and Sebastian’s love story. They credit the principles instilled through a Jesuit education as the foundation that has enabled them to prioritize their relationship throughout the years.

7.  Emily Barrett ’12 and Mathew Bleam ’07

Being five years apart in school, Emily and Mathew never overlapped during their time at Fairfield University, but as alumni from the Rugby program they met at the 50th Rugby Anniversary Weekend.

8.  Christina (Brasser) Clark ’02 and James Clark ’02

Christina and James’ met one night at the Seagrape Cafe. Their eyes met and commenced a love story so powerful they wrote a song about it with Nicki Hexum titled, “Worlds Collide.”

9.  Madeline Smith ’14 and Robert Spina ’14

Madeline and Robert met in class, where the two were paired together by the professor to play husband and wife in a skit. Life must in fact imitate art, because two months later the two started dating and began their life together.

10.  Sharri (Driscoll) Maurais ’90 and Fran Maurais ’91

Cookies and Fairfield University were the key ingredients to Sharri and Fran’s love story. In a shared music class, Sharri asked to borrow Fran’s notebook to take notes "from a missed class.” She returned the notebook to him with a giant plate of chocolate chip cookies. They began dating shortly after.

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