10 Must-Have Items on Your Back to College List

10 Must-Have Items on Your Back to College List

Dear New Stags,

Are you packing for move-in day and unsure of where to start? Here is a list of ten college-life essentials for a new student, from a New Student Leader that will help make the transition to campus a little bit easier.


Katie LeBrun ‘24

1.  Organizational Day Planner

Learning to navigate a new chapter of life can be challenging. With a planner, desk calendar, or to-do list you can write down everything that you have to accomplish over the days, weeks, or months ahead while factoring in time for a little fun too!

2.  Refillable Water Bottle

Throughout campus, you will find a variety of water bottle filling stations. They can be found in residence halls, academic buildings, and the Rec-Plex to name a few of the most go-to spots.

3.  Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I always find that listening to music when I get ready for class really starts my day off on the right foot. A small speaker can also be great for sunny days spent out on the quad or on the beach downtown with a few friends.

4.  Desk Lamp

Sharing a space can be a learning curve all in itself. A small desk lamp will be a life saver when you’re up for a late night study session and your new roommate is catching Z’s.

5.  Snacks, Snacks....and more Snacks!

Personally, Cheez-its are my favorite! Between the gym, class, and clubs and organizations… your day can get pretty booked! Having some snacks on hand in your backpack can be a huge help between meals at the Tully.

6.  Picnic Blanket

Fairfield’s campus has a lot of beautiful spots to enjoy. Set a picnic blanket or beach towel out on quad, library lawn, or down by Bellarmine Pond to hang out or get some studying done.

7.  A Keepsake

Going away to school is the first time many first-year college students are away from friends and loved ones. Whether your family is in-state or across the country, bringing a framed photo, special hand-written note, or decorative item from your house will help your new residence hall really feel like home.

8.  Door Stop

The first few weeks of school, it is so helpful to keep the door to your res hall open. It creates an inviting environment and allows for other students on your floor to stop by and say ‘hey’ when passing through. You’ll be surprised how many of your first college friends you’ll meet this way!

9.  Headphones

Whether you’re studying in the library, working out at the Rec-Plex, or attending an online meeting, headphones are great for being able to listen to a little bit of background noise. Forget them at home? Don’t worry they can be purchased in our ITS Vending Machines or Stag Spirit Shop, our on-campus bookstore.

10.  Laptop

Obviously! It is a must-have for getting school-work done but also great for being able to wind down and stream movies and music.

Just days away, you all have new friends, new opportunities, and new memorable experiences that await you! This is a very exciting time and the entire Fairfield University community is waiting to welcome you home. For more about what to (and what not to) pack for college, check out our full packing list. 

Stags Up!

Last Modified: 12-01-2022 11:43 AM

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