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Yamato: The Drummers of Japan show-Feb. 22nd

Come to the Quick Center this coming Monday, February 22 at 8 p.m. for a must-see performance of  “BAKUON—Legend of the Heartbeat" by the immensely talented musical group, Yamato. Audiences of all ages are sure to be entertained by the highly intense and energetic atmosphere that Yamato creates through all of their performances. 

“It was simply captivating. The incredible talent and sheer enjoyment of what they do was plain to see,” says The Evening Post (UK). 

Yamato was founded in Japan’s Nara Prefecture in 1993, and has impressively toured in 51 countries and regions since then. They tour the world every year for 6-10 months, which has audiences continually looking forward to their unique performances. 

The group performs on traditional Wadaiko drums, which are instruments well-known in the Japanese culture. The special drums deliver a distinctive sound that is described as reverberant and mellow. Many artists today have incorporated the sound of Wadaiko drums into their own musical pieces.

The drummers of Yamato strive to bring forth passion and Japanese flavor into each and every performance. By the end of the event, they wish to send their audience home with a new vitality and passion for life.

Sample Yamato’s show to preview the excitement and read ctpost’s review

Purchase a ticket to see and feel for yourself the remarkable power of Yamato’s performance! Tickets are $50, $45, $35, and $5 for Fairfield University students. To purchase tickets, please visit the Quick Center website or call the box office at 203-254-4010 or toll-free at 1-877-ARTS-396

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