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| February 2014 | Fairfield University News Channel

Those Burning Questions of Style

Has it every annoyed you that some academic degrees contain those pesky periods (B.A.), while others do not (BSN)?  Or that University style mandates the use of ‘Web site’, while the rest of the known world uses ‘website’? And seriously, do you always remember the difference between i.e. and e.g. when you sit down to write? Or how to list class years when a donor is both an alumnus and a parent?

Finally, your wait is over – the University’s Style Guide has been revised, updated, and brought in line with current standards and common practices. Check out the very latest

We suggest you bookmark the site and refer to it whenever you begin a new print project or update your web pages.

Please note that the standards in the Guide are for materials going forward; copy on the website will be adjusted to conform to the new guidelines.

A copy of the Style Guide will be sent to the office of each dean; however, if your office needs one, please contact Nina Riccio at nriccio@fairfield.edu



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