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| February 2013 | Fairfield University News Channel

Finding Nemo

There was no question of “finding Nemo” over the past weekend, as the winter storm blasted through New England, dumping 35 inches of snow on Fairfield—the highest amount of snow to fall in Fairfield County and eighth highest in the state.

There was a sinking feeling of déjà vu as the campus shut down early on Friday to prepare for the storm, a mere four months after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area.

After it was over, the front loaders on campus were removing snow instead of sand.

“For many students—and staff—the sight of three feet of snow was a first in their lives,” noted Tom Pellegrino, vice president for Student Affairs.

The Stag statue during winter storm Nemo 2-13unprecedented storm prevented many essential staff from getting to their shifts over the weekend. “We relied on the extraordinary efforts of many individuals who stayed on from Friday right through the weekend, helping to get the campus dug out,” said Pellegrino. “The students were very patient as we worked to restore normal food and cleaning services,” said Pellegrino.

Crews worked around-the-clock over the weekend to clear roads and pathways, and classes resumed Tuesday.‌ ‌‌

While a powerful storm, Nemo does not stack up to the famous blizzard of 1888, which dumped 50 inches on the area.

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