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| December 2014 | Fairfield University News Channel

For Email, Powerpoint, A Brand New Look

As the University embarks on its strategic transformation (Fairfield 2020), Marketing & Communications is also transforming to ensure that our processes, technology, analytical insight and capabilities meet the growing demands of our clients around the University. We are ensuring that our techniques match the expectations of our prospects – whether that is incoming undergrads, grads, new members of our staff or faculty, or our widespread friends in the local community.

As a start, we are revamping some of our basic communication practices and establishing consistency across our communication channels to ensure we are promoting Fairfield University, even when we least expect to. I ask that you partner with me and adopt the changes below as part of your everyday correspondence, and hope you encourage your colleagues and teams to do the same.

Our connections to the everyday world can be powerful and these small changes can make a big difference in supporting the promotion of our University.

For a guide to how to use your email signature, structure your voicemail messages, and for powerpoint templates and guides for media relations and social media practices, click here.

Last modified:  Thu, 18 Dec 2014 14:50:00 EST


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