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Nicole Camporeale ’12

Meet Nicole Camporeale ’12

Major and Minor:

Politics major

Studio Arts and Italian Studies minors

What were your reasons for choosing Fairfield University?

I chose Fairfield University after viewing many other colleges on the east coast for the simple fact that it gave me that "college" feeling when I walked on campus. Beautiful stone buildings and sprawling green campus with a quad. After learning more about the University, I loved that it was a school where I would receive a well-rounded education, have the ability to pursue my chosen career goals, and could also be an active member of a Division I sport. Fairfield was the only University I wound up applying to!

What would you tell a student considering coming to Fairfield as an undergraduate?

I've had the opportunity to talk to students about going Fairfield in the past and always say the same thing, you will feel like you're at home and will have a great time! It's the perfect location being in a bustling suburb on the water, close to NYC, Boston, Hartford/New Haven, and the other students and professors are warm and welcoming.

What went into your thinking as you selected your major?

I went into Fairfield as a business major. I knew that getting into the Dolan School of Business was difficult so I set my goals high to start. I always knew I wanted to go to law school but I worked under the assumption that having a great business degree from Fairfield would be a good thing to fall back on. However, giving the business school all of the credit it deserves, it was difficult and didn't match my strongest academic interests. I quickly transferred to the College of Arts and Sciences where I definitely felt more at home, taking courses that focused on reading, writing, and enjoying the courses. Politics is a classic base major for many law school students so that was where I focused my attention. I added some minors to pursue learning in areas that I simply enjoyed more, including studio arts focusing on photography and sculpture, and Italian studies while living abroad in Florence, Italy.

What were the best aspects of your experience at Fairfield?

I really enjoyed being a student athlete. I met my husband and many lifelong friends while running cross country. It created an immediate family of like-minded people for me while at Fairfield. I also loved that it allowed me to meet students with other majors such as nursing students, biology, business, etc. I also loved the events that the school would host for the students such as Barrister's Ball, the concerts, and those hosted by the students such as Clam Jam and Senior Week.

Please describe any interesting project, research opportunity, internship, leadership opportunity, or anything else you were a part of while at Fairfield.

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy through Fairfield's program and it was one of the hardest and best things I ever did during college. I think back to wandering the streets of Europe without a smartphone, GPS or ability to call anyone in an emergency and I wonder how I did it. While there, I was able to travel Europe and immerse myself in another culture. Invaluable experience that I'd do all over again, despite being a bit homesick.

What are you currently working on, or studying, and what about it inspires you?

I'm currently a partner at Wiley Etter Doyon, LLC working as an attorney. I am the lead elder law attorney and very much enjoy counseling families on protecting assets, paying for long term care, applying for Medicaid, and updating estate planning documents. I service clients throughout the state of Connecticut and love meeting with new people!

How have the opportunities offered to you through Fairfield helped you move closer to achieving your career goals?

Fairfield set me up for academic success to go to law school and excel beyond.

What student activities were you involved in on campus?

Women's Cross Country team captain, dean’s List, MAAC All-Academic Team, Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Society (foreign language honor society), Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Representative

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