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Richard Miller-Murphy

Meet Richard Miller-Murphy ’78
Executive Director - Marketing
Blood, Laboratory and Medical Services

Major & Minor

Biology major and chemistry minor.

What were your reasons for choosing Fairfield University?

Originally, I selected Fairfield for its pre-med program reputation, but I also liked its focus on liberal arts and gaining a “well-rounded” education.

What would you tell a student considering coming to Fairfield as an undergraduate?

Fairfield is a place where you truly learn, grow, and develop. It is focused on making you a better person and making a contribution to the world in whatever field you choose or where you excel the most. Fairfield helps you find your passion. The focus on prayer, community, and service (or the “Ignatian Way”) does make a difference.

What went into your thinking as you selected your major?

At the time, I was focused and "sure" that medical school was the route that I wanted to take for my career... while I stayed in healthcare my entire career, it was through a different path, and I complemented my science degree with an MBA in business policy and strategy. Ultimately, that combination is what benefitted me and others with this uniquely different educational skill set.

What were the best aspects of your experience at Fairfield?

Hands down, the community of students that I met from all over the tri-state area and beyond... and the relationships that I now know have lasted since graduation.

Please describe any interesting project, research opportunity, internship, leadership opportunity, or anything else you were a part of while at Fairfield.

I was involved in the Student Newspaper (VOICES) and the Student Yearbook (The Manor)… both of these publications instilled values and work-related skills that really prepared me for communicating with others.

What are you currently working on, or studying, and what about it inspires you?

I work at a very large multi-state nonprofit (New York Blood Center Enterprises) as executive director of marketing for blood, laboratory and medical services. We have started a collaboration with Fairfield's Center for Social Impact that will focus on effects and personal loss during the pandemic. When the project launches later in 2021, it will also support student learning opportunities (in marketing and IT) and support social and medical research.

How have the opportunities offered to you through Fairfield such as research, internships, alumni network, faculty relationships) helped you move closer to achieving your career goals?

One of the opportunities (or many) that helped me with my career goals was when I joined a virtual seminar on leadership in healthcare, education and business — where Dr. Scott Lacy was a moderator. Working with him led to an amazing collaboration with the Center for Social Impact and NY Blood Center. It also connected me with thought leaders in healthcare from around the country.

What student activities (clubs, athletics, honor societies) were you involved in on campus?

I was in the pre-med honor society and supported our athletic teams as a very energized spectator!

Which school were you enrolled in?

College of Arts and Sciences

Please add anything else you wish us to know.


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