Fairfield University Opens State-of-the-Art Media Center

Fairfield University Opens State-of-the-Art Media Center

Students and members of the media production team cover a pre-Covid women's lacrosse game.

The fully equipped 18,000-square-foot facility will serve as the new home to the College of Arts and Sciences' media studies programs and the University’s media production team.

By having a top-of-the-line facility and studio equipment built into our curriculum, we are marrying the best of our high-quality curriculum with hands-on practice, and that gives us a competitive edge.

— Dean Richard Greenwald, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences

After undergoing a major renovation during the 2020 summer break, the building that formerly housed the Charles F. Dolan School of Business officially reopened this past fall as the new home of the College of Arts and Science’s expanding programs in communications, digital journalism, sports media, and media arts. It is also the new headquarters of the Marketing and Communication Division’s media production team.

Designed by Newman Architects of New Haven, Conn. and constructed by Caldwell & Walsh, the new 18,000-square-foot Media Center boasts substantially more space than the facility's previous location in Fairfield College Preparatory School’s Xavier Hall, and offers new and exciting hands-on production experiences for the College’s communication and media studies students.

The Media Center's west wing is outfitted with two new studios: one with a brand-new LED production lighting system, lighting control booth, and production control booth, and another that will serve as a podcast and webinar room with a state-of-the-art lighting system. The facility also houses an editing room, a video production and screening room, and six faculty offices. Other notable features include computer bays equipped with software for animation and graphic design, as well as separate suites for film coloring and editing, and an equipment storage and sign-out area for students to check out camera and audio gear.

According to Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Richard Greenwald, PhD, having a dedicated Media Center for students to practice what they learn in the classroom will elevate the credibility that the College has earned for its nationally ranked communication and media programs.

“The College as a whole has a strong reputation in these media programs, and our alumni do exceptionally well in starting salary and job opportunities,” he said. “By having a top-of-the-line facility and studio equipment built into our curriculum, we are marrying the best of our high quality curriculum with hands-on practice, and that gives us a competitive edge.”

In addition to growing the University’s academic programs, Assistant Professor Matthew Tullis, director of the College’s digital journalism and sports media programs, hopes that the new Media Center will serve as a hub for communication, digital journalism, and other media students to connect, study, and collaborate. 

“This finally gives us a chance to showcase the various forms of media that Fairfield students create… and brings all the faculty who teach in those areas together under one roof,” Tullis said. “I hope this becomes a place where students who are interested in all sorts of media production hang out and build a community around their skills and fields of study.” 

Dean Greenwald said he envisions the College of Arts and Sciences’ Office of Career and Professional Development working with the University’s media industry alumni and current students at the Media Center, to help launch students into exciting internships and potential careers. 

“We have a great alumni network, great faculty, and now, we have excellent resources,” he said. “Adding all of these things together with our ambition, I am confident that we will see great things going forward.”

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