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Faculty Newsbreakers

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Nazli Sila Alan, PhD, assistant professor of finance, and Katsiaryna Salavei Bardos, PhD, associate professor of finance, had their paper “CEO-to-Employee Pay Ratio and CEO Diversity” accepted for publication at Managerial Finance. The paper is coauthored with Natalya Y. Shelkova. Dr. Alan also wrote a feature for WalletHub on credit card consolidation.

Katsiaryna Salavei Bardos, PhD, director of the Master of Science in Finance (MSF), published an article in the August 2020 issue of Canadian Business Journal titled “Corporate Social Responsibility: Improving Firm Value Through Enhanced Brand Value.” The article is co-authored with Mine Ertugrul and Lucia Gao. Dr. Bardos was also quoted in two articles: “How to get a mortgage” published on Bankrate.com and “Should I pay off my mortgage or invest the money instead?” published on The Mortgage Reports in July.

Paul Caster, PhD, CPA published the article “An Exploration of Bank Confirmation Process Automation: A Longitudinal Study," in the Journal of Information Systems, forthcoming, with co-authors Randy Elder of UNC-Greensboro and Diane Janvrin of Iowa State University.

Michael P. Coyne. PhD, CPA, MBA, associate professor of accounting, had his paper “Comparing and Contrasting the History of the Euro with the History of Accounting Convergence” accepted for publication in the Journal of Accounting and Finance.

Steven Kozlowski, PhD, assistant professor of finance, and Michael Puleo, PhD, assistant professor of finance, had their paper “Cryptocurrency Return Reversals” accepted for publication in Applied Economics Letters. The paper is coauthored with Jizhou Zhou.

Mark LeClair, PhD, professor of economics, presented the paper "Rivalry in the Nonprofit Sector: Promotional and Regulatory Competition by Charitable Organizations" last month at the Northeast Business and Economics Association meeting. The paper will also be published in the organization's proceedings.

Joan Lee, PhD, CPA, CGMA, professor of accounting, published, "The Theranos Whistleblower, An Interview with Tyler Shultz", with co-authors Ann Skeet of Markkula Center of Santa Clara University and Sarah Cabral of Boston College as part of the Jesuit Global Case Series in August. Dr. Lee also received the American Accounting Association Public Interest Section Outstanding Service Award at the Section’s Annual Meeting in August.

Valeria Martinez, PhD, associate professor of finance, had her paper “The Impact of the Change in USDA Announcement Release Procedures on Agricultural Commodity Futures,” with co-authors Ivan Indriawan of Auckland University of Technology, and Yiuman Tse of University of Missouri, accepted for publication in Journal of Commodity Markets.

Dawn W. Massey, PhD, CPA, CGMA, professor of accounting, published a peer-reviewed chapter, "Exposing the Political Chameleon: Insights Into Canadian Taxpayers' Perceptions of Tax Fairness" in Who Pays for Canada? Taxes and Fairness, with Canadian co-authors Jonathan Farrar of Wilfrid Laurier University and Linda Thorne of York University in September. Dr. Massey also had her paper previously published in the Journal of Business Ethics, "The Association Between Vertical Equity and Presidential Voting Behavior and Taxpayers' Compliance," featured in "How Trump's Tax Avoidance Ways Could be Rubbing Off on U.S. Voters," which was published in Canada's national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, in September. Dr. Massey's coauthors on the research paper are Jonathan Farrar (Wilfrid Laurier University), Errol Osecki (York University), and Linda Thorne (York University).

Philip Maymin, PhD, professor of analytics and director of the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), was awarded a patent for application number 16/440,382 with his co-inventor Brett McDonald, titled “System and Method for Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Live, Mobile, Betting System Offering Time-Sensitive, Curated and Player-Restricted Bets on Sub-Outcomes of Sports and Esport Events.” Dr. Maymin also had his article, "Smart Kills and Worthless Deaths: eSports Analytics for League of Legends” published in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports in September. Additionally Dr. Maymin wrote several stories and white papers on simulations and empirical tests of team and individual parity and novel scoring systems for Athletes Unlimited, a new sports league launching a professional women’s softball league this year and a professional women’s volleyball league in 2021.

Sharlene McEvoy, J.D., PhD, professor of business law, presented a paper entitled, "Right to Dry Laws: Protecting the Environment over Aesthetic Considerations," in August at the online Annual Conference of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Environment, Energy, and Sustainability Law section. Dr. McEvoy also published an article entitled, "Splitting Hairs Over Hairstyles: A Form of Racial Bias or Enforceable Grooming Policies?" in the International Journal of Business and Applied Social Science (IJBASS), Volume 6, in June.

Michael Puleo, PhD, assistant professor of finance, was featured in a recent Bloomberg article showcasing his research focus, "Implosion of High-Flying Billionaire Trio Shows Pledging Risks" published in July.

Nazuk Sharma, PhD, assistant professor of marketing, had her paper “The impact of using negative versus positive Karma framing in donation appeals at grocery checkouts on the facilitating store's outcomes” accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Behavior, published online in September.

Rajasree Rajamma, PhD, associate professor of marketing, along with her co-authors Dr. Qin Sun and Dr. Deborah Heisley, presented a paper "Exploring Scarcity in Mobile Promotion and Immediate Purchase Intention” at the 2020 Global Marketing Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

William Vásquez, PhD, professor of economics, in collaboration with professors Jessica Alicea-Planas (Nursing) and Jennifer Trudeau ’09 (Sacred Heart University), published a research article entitled “The Value of Covid-19 Tests in Latin America” in Economics and Human Behavior.

Annie Witte, PhD, CPA, assistant professor of accounting, presented “Managing the Technological Revolution: How Audit Partners Nurture, Control, and Standardize Change,” a co-authored paper with Jay Thibodeau of Bentley University and Christine Earley of Providence College at the East Coast Behavioral Accounting Workpaper in October.

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