Young Alumni Profile: Electrical Engineer Clarensky Benoit ’19

Young Alumni Profile: Electrical Engineer Clarensky Benoit ’19

Clarensky Benoit '19

Electrical Engineer Clarensky Benoit '19, at Fairfield University's 2019 Research Symposium.

We reached out to recent School of Engineering alumnus, Clarensky Benoit ’19, to talk to him about his college experience and to find out what he’s up to now. Read on to learn why Benoit chose Fairfield, what he loved most about being a Stag, and where his BS in electrical engineering has taken him.

Clarensky Benoit ’19, on how he chose Fairfield:

I did a lot of research when I was preparing for college, and looking at the best regional colleges Fairfield was always close to the top of the list. I wanted to be in a competitive environment and looking back, I have never been challenged that much in my entire life.

On how he chose his electrical engineering major:

I've always had a passion for math, science, and technology. I come from a family that very much appreciates STEM. I did not go to the best high school; our technology budget was very low and there weren’t a lot of classes related to technology. I remember the first check from the first job I ever got, I used it to purchase a laptop. From then on, I knew I wanted to do something related to coding and robotics. I discovered that electrical engineering is so broad; I can use it to code, and also use it to design electrical systems. I chose electrical engineering as my major during my freshman year and never looked back.

On his favorite research projects and leadership opportunities in the School of Engineering:

I worked with my electrical engineering professor to design a Butterworth electrical active filter: from coming up with the right circuit literature, to the theoretical test, and finally the hardware test. After receiving good results in the hardware test, we designed a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). We tested the circuit board after soldering the parts onto it, and presented it at the University’s Research Symposium.

I also worked at a robotics company that was introduced to me by a member of the electrical engineering faculty. I designed an amphibious spherical robot to be used by the Navy to inspect potential battlefields prior to humans’ approach. I also had the chance to work as a robot inspector and mentor to high school robotics students, as part of a robotics class at Fairfield which included participation in a robotics competition. We built a user-controlled robot that was able to carry a milk crate autonomously.

On where his BS in electrical engineering has taken him:

I work at a “dope” place! It’s called CES (Consulting Engineering Services), an MEPFPT (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection Technology and security) company. As an electrical engineer consultant, I work closely with mechanical engineers and architects to design lighting, power, and technology systems for building projects — everything from card readers to fire alarm circuitry and systems. I report to job sites regularly to ensure contractors are following our plans, and to make sure the necessary measures are taken to fix any issues that I may find.

On how Fairfield’s School of Engineering helped him achieve his career goals:

Fairfield’s engineering programs require students to take classes in fields beyond their specific majors, which has allowed me to be able to communicate in an intelligent manner with colleagues across any engineering specialty. As electrical engineering majors, we had to work closely with mechanical engineers in school; this prepared me to be fluent in my domain and to have good communication skills with parties such as architects, mechanical engineers, and building owners.

My first internship ­­— which I obtained through an engineering professor — also played a huge role in developing a good work ethic. This professor even contacted me recently, to ask me if I needed a job and send me some information; this is why building a good relationship with faculty is invaluable.

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