A Message from the Dean of Students

A Message from the Dean of Students

Welcome back!

As you prepare for what we hope to be a productive and rewarding semester, we want to provide you with updates pertaining to the student experience.

Student Handbook

The 2018-19 Student Handbook is available online. It took effect Sept 1, 2018, and will remain in effect until further notice. The Handbook applies to all students of Fairfield University and information contained therein is intended to serve and be useful for all students. The Handbook is only available online at www.fairfield.edu/studenthandbook.

Questions or comments are always welcome and can be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at (203) 254-4211 or dosoffice@fairfield.edu. Additional information about policies and procedures can be found in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

Absence Policy

Students are expected to attend all classes and scheduled examinations, tests, projects, etc., and to otherwise comply with specific attendance requirements set forth in the syllabus for each class. Except in cases where students have a right to be excused under the University’s ‘Released Time’ policy (see Undergraduate Catalog), or where the student is required by the University to otherwise not attend class, it is within the sole discretion of the faculty whether to excuse a student’s absence.

Students are expected to contact faculty in a timely fashion and as quickly as possible to advise of an intended absence. Students should not contact the Office of Dean of Students or their respective academic dean’s office because they will be missing class. Students should communicate directly with their faculty about an absence.

The Student Health Center does not give “notes” or “written verification” for missing class. If a faculty member feels it is imperative to seek verification in order to decide whether or not to excuse a student from class, a student needs to provide a written release before any information is provided to the faculty. If a student is out for more than three consecutive days for illness, the student should contact the Student Health Center or Counseling & Psychological Services. If warranted, the Student Health Center or Counseling & Psychological Services will provide the student with a medical notification document substantiating the student’s absence. Students will be reminded that all issues related to missed class time or course work must be resolved through communication between the student and faculty. 

Any student experiencing a personal or family emergency (e.g., a death) is asked to notify the Office of the Dean of Students. The Office of the Dean of Students will gather relevant information and notify appropriate university offices or personnel. Additional information on class attendance and absences from class be found online.

Student Safety

We encourage students to report any suspicious behavior to the Department of Public Safety at (203) 254-4090. It is good practice to keep your room, apartment, and house doors locked to protect you and your valuables. When using private vehicles (such as cab or UBER), please take precautionary measures to only enter well-marked and correct vehicles.

Bystander Intervention/Medical Amnesty

If a student seeks assistance from a University employee or designee because of personal safety concerns or concerns for another student, those students generally will not be held accountable under the Student Conduct Code. The fear of, or concern about, the potential student conduct process should not deter students from seeking appropriate medical or personal assistance. To encourage individuals or groups to come forward with reports about physical violence and sexual misconduct, students will not be sanctioned for revealing a violation in good faith, such as underage drinking, in the process of reporting an incident. 

Survivor Resources

Fairfield University is committed to providing a learning environment free of sexual misconduct including unwanted touching, sexual intercourse, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking. If you or your friend is a victim of sexual misconduct, you are not alone. There are many confidential and non-confidential resources available to you. Please visit www.fairfield.edu/survivor for a complete list of resources and reporting options. In addition, Megan D. Monahan, JD has joined Fairfield as director of Title IX and Equity Compliance.

Megan D. Monahan, JD
Director of Title IX and Equity Compliance

Phone: 203-254-4357
E-mail: mmonahan@fairfield.edu

Beach Parties

The beach area known as Lantern Point is a private residential area. The Fairfield Police Department will continue to enforce a zero tolerance policy against public gatherings on the Point. Students who are arrested will not only have to address any charges pending against them through the courts, but will also have to meet with the Office of the Dean of Students to address the matter as a violation of the Student Conduct Code. Our goal is to not have students arrested therefore our message is fairly simple: if you live on campus, don’t go to the beach uninvited.  

Class of 2021 and 2022 Parking Policy

Due to the limited amount of parking spaces on our campus, Fairfield has established guidelines and policies pertaining to parking. Within our policy, first-year and sophomore resident students are not authorized to have automobiles on campus (including weekends).

Fairfield does not have the ability to accommodate first-year students and sophomores with vehicles. Violations of this policy will be documented and referred to our office, in addition to any ticket or towing charges assessed to the offender. 

Questions or Concerns

Students are welcome to stop by our office in Barone Campus Center 408 to speak with a member of our staff at any time. Please call the Office of the Dean of Students at (203) 254- 4211 for details.

Thank you for your attention to these important updates. We wish you all a safe and successful start to the semester.

William Johnson, PhD

Dean of Students

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