Honor Roll of Donors

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Honor Roll of Donors

This Honor Roll of Donor records all those who have given so generously to the museum from its inception in 2010 until today (it is updated annually).

John C. Meditz '70
National Endowment for the Humanities
The Stephen and Palmina Pace Foundation
Anonymous (1)
James Reed
The Estate of Elisabeth H. Herson Schwabe '74
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
The Windmill Foundation
Andrew Bentley and Fiona Garland
Charles and Mabel P. Jost Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Thomas A. Franko '69 and Bethany M. Franko
Alexander R. Nestor '70 and Sally A. Nestor '91
Christopher C. Quick '79 and Ann Quick
$25,000 -$49,999
Anonymous (2)
Susan Freel Alexander '78 and Robert J. Alexander
Vincent + and Louise Camuto P’17, ’12 
Frank J. Carroll III '89
CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc.
William and Joan Grabe through the Grabe Family Foundation
Phyllis B. Louis-Dreyfus
William Louis-Dreyfus +
Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc.
Nana McMahon P'17, '11
John J. Meehan P'14
Katherine L. Meehan '14
Mutual of America Foundation
Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc
Vanguard Charitable
Patrick J. Waide Jr. '59
Anonymous (4)
William and Peggy Atwell P’08
Thomas J. Colucci '69 and Michele Colucci
Donald Ellis Gallery Ltd.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
John and Anne Grandin
George and Rachel Gumina P 19, ‘12
Paul J. Hoffman '72
Brian P. Hull '80 and Laura R. Hull P'13
The Jeffrey Horvitz Foundation
Paul A. LaViolette '79 and Lucille E. LaViolette
The Lessing Foundation of The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Stephen M. Lessing '76 and Sandra M. Lessing
Andrew J. McMahon '89 and Jennifer Janczewski McMahon '89 P'19, '13
Pratt Industries
The Ricciardi Family Fund
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Ruth McC Dayton Foundation
Salvatore Michael Santella '53 and Flo Courtright
The Schwab Charitable Fund
Edmund J. Sybertz Jr. '72 and Sharon I. Purdie
The William H. Pitt Foundation, Inc.
Carmen R. Wong '93
Anonymous (3)
Ashken Family Charitable Foundation
Mark J. Beckwith '80 and Patti Beckwith
Bessemer Trust
Steven A. Certilman
Timothy J. Conway '76 and Kathryn Conway
The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial Foundation Inc
Sheila Kearney Davidson '83 and Anthony H. Davidson
Robert and Janet Dilenschneider
William P. Egan '67 and Jacalyn A. Egan P'99
Louis-Dreyfus Family Office LLC
Farrow and Ball (Greenwich)
Brian J. Flaherty '87 and Melanie Flaherty
Goldman Sachs Gives
James and Mary Houlihan
Timothy and Susan Jensen
Elizabeth A. Washington Keenoy '82 and Peter C. Keenoy
Roger M. Lynch '63 and Nancy Lynch P'95
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation
Maritime Motors of Fairfield
Molly and David McGrath
Dianne Modestini (she also gave us a painting valued at XXX, so should be moved up)
Nestle Waters North America
Phillip J. Neugebauer '91 and Elizabeth Koch Neugebauer '91
Gavin G. O'Connor '88 and Marybeth Calianese O'Connor '88
Stephen J. Pilch '83 and Hope Pilch
Private Art Dealers Association, Inc.
Kenneth J. Sandacata '70
Charles and Ritchie Scribner
John and Margaret Sullivan
Douglas P. Traynor '87 and Deirdre O'Brien Traynor '88
Georgia S. Adams
Diane M. Allison '75 and David L. Godfrey
Richard and Judith Conk
Hugh O. Davis '95
Christopher C. Desmarais '93 and Catherine A. Bassi Desmarais '93, MBA'07
Alexander and Jill Dimitrief
Frank and Beatrice Dinger
William and Julie Doe
The Ettinger Foundation, Inc.
Fairfield County Bank
Fidelity Investments
Franklin Templeton Investments
Michael and Becky Goss
Susan Robinson King MA'73 and Michael C. King
Elner L. Morrell '81, MFA'19 and Randy E. Morrell P'03
Parkinson Family Foundation
Steve Ruchefsky and Rondi Charleston
Stanislaw and Teresa Rys
Louis Sciarretta Jr. '87 and Annette Manghisi Sciarretta '87
Seguso Viro USA Corp
Alison Kraus Seguso '03 and Pierpaolo Seguso
Leopold and Jane Swergold
Vivian M. Vitale MA'80 and Robert Brown
Anonymous (2)
Michael Angelaras
Aquarion Water Company of CT
Van and Dianne Bernhard
Diana Bowes
Brody Wilkinson and Ober, PC
Kristine Saranich Carroll '92 and Christopher E. Carroll
Joellin R. Comerford '74
Virginia L. Connors
Mary Sullivan Courtien '78 and Raymond Courtien
Arnold J. Davis
William and Jane Donaldson
Matthew F. Drury '95 and Nicole E. Fortin Drury '94
Jesus R. Escobar
Everett Raymond Kinstler
Charles V. Firlotte
First Republic Bank
Kenneth and Susan Foote
The Japan Foundation
Nancy R. Keet '85 and Ernest E. Keet
Sean and Megan Kelly
Patricia L. Kislevitz
Katherine N. Lapp '78
Robert B. Loper
Janine Luke
Kieran and Mary Frances Malone
William A. McIntosh P'92, '86
Jorge E. Perez Diaz '78 and Lizzie Perez P'14
Darren T. Richeson
Marianne Walsh Saladino '88 and Jerome J. Saladino Jr.
Stratton Faxon
Pedro and Ann Wasmer
James D. Wehr '79 and Teresa M. Wehr
Westport Inn
Whole Foods Market
Under $1,000
Nancy Adler
John A. Altieri MA'65 and Kathleen Altieri
Albert R. Annunziata '53 P'07, '00 +
Lisa J. Flaherty Baker '94 and Rob Baker
Linda Pettit Barbosa '76 and John A. Barbosa Jr.
Linda S. Barone
Mary S. Basquin
Andrea J. Bayer
Richard and Shirley Becker
Susan E. Bender
Alan Berkeley and Elisabeth Ehrich
Patrick J. Birde and Loretta Mannion

Mark Brady
Richard W. Brewer '69 and Barbara E. Brewer
Nancy Burns '80 and Daniel Paul Kuntz
Larry S. Candido '79 and Annette Candido P'10
Capitol Archaeological Institute
Laura M. Vele Capossela '05 and Jeffrey Capossela
Claudia Carbonari
George Carey
Terese N. Carlozzi '04
Edith M. Carlson
Angela D. DiMartino Carontino '03 and Jason P. Carontino
Gilbert W. Cass '64
Ramon Cernuda
Chevron Corporation
Richard J. Chiarappa Jr. '70 and Martha Chiarappa
Tomassina E. Cicchini '91
Joanne Clark
Mary Lee Clayton
Roderick and Sara Coffey
James A. Connelly
Robert S. Connolly '01 and Courtney A. Darts '01
Arthur B. Connors Jr.
Mary Ann V. Cox '83 and Sean Quinn
Michael P. Coyne '84 and Clare M. Coyne
Christine C. Lewis Dahlheimer '04
Frank and Barbara Dahm
Theresa Boffa Daly '03 and Christopher P. Daly
Robert A. Dance
Kathleen M. Davidson
Ronald M. Davidson and Katherine A. Schwab
Joel and Carol Davis
Anthony J. Del Aversano '06
Elisa M. Delaney P'15
Mary J. DeMaris
David A. DeSimone
Jerilyn Deveau
Jessica A. DiDonato '12
Anita Digioia
Alice Petrow DiVincenzo C'77 and Frank P. DiVincenzo
Thomas Doherty
John Donnellan
William J. Doyle Jr. '78 and Virginia Needham-Doyle '78 P'09
Amy L. Meyer Dufour '95 and David E. Dufour
Louise M. Dunn
Ed-Mor Electric Co, Inc.
Therese A. Eke
Mark and Anne Ellman
Exelon Foundation
Fairfield Country Day School
Fairfield County Community Foundation Inc
David and Patricia Farmer
Brian J. Finneran '65, MA'71 and Eileen Finneran
Richard Fisher
Kathleen A. Prokop Fragola '84
Stephen Francis '63 and Meg Francis
Terri Frank
Patricia Friedman
Ann B. Fuller
Michael Gallagher
Peter and Bonnie Gatof
Gary and Lori Gertzog
Deanna G. Ordos Gesuero MA'79 and George Gesuero
Naomi Sklaire Gill C'85 +
Ellen F. Gilmore MBA'09
Mary E. Gleason MA'70 +
Sean M. Gleason '07 and Michelle M. DiMarzo '07
Bette E. Gollrad
Sarah M. Lutz Graham '04
Stuart A. Green and Terri A. Eblen
Howard Greenberg
Amy M. Gregorius '06
Kristen H. Haggis Gunn '92 and Brian M. Gunn
Walter and Patrice Halas
Andrew and Christine Hall
Gary Haynes
Francis and Molly Hoegen
Andrea N. Hovnanian '09
Hoyte Brown Financial Planning
David A. Ifkovic MA'74
Charles E. Keinath '07 and Christine A. Porcello Keinath '07
Megan E. Kimmins '11
Marie-Laure Kugel
James A. Lapides
Daniel P. Leitao '12
Ann G. Littlejohn
Arthur J. LoVetere Jr. '86 and Phyllis LoVetere
Kerry J. Lowth '14
James and Mary Mackenzie
John Mahon
Sarah B. Mahoney-Voccola '85 and Ray Voccola
Karen A. Mainenti '96 and Said Sayrafiezadeh
Marcelle M. Malagon Baez '17
Kathleen M. Maloney '06
Gloria Manning
John P. Marchak MBA'98 and Lucy Ambrosino
Gretchen Fuggi Marino '87 P'21
Virginia C. Mars
Gregory H. Marshall '84, CAS'90 and Amy J. Marshall MA'87, CAS'92 P'12
Brian and Eileen Martin
Susan B. Matheson
Kevin J. McGee '87 and Andrea McGee
McKesson Foundation
Jill V. McLaughlin '09
Marlie L. Lavatori McManus '94 and Ryan P. McManus
Robert P. Metzger
David and Nancy Michaels
Gail D. Minthorn
Emilie Mones
Kimberly S. Soen Morris '99 and George R. Morris
Carol Czepiel Morrison CAS'93
Francis J. Moy S.J. CAS'60
James B. Murphy II
Louis M. Nagy '59 and Sherrie Nagy
National Charity League, Inc.
Ryan I. Neubauer '07, MS'08 and Sarah B. Nelson Neubauer '07
Charles and Rosalie Newman
Barbara Niesyn
Constance M. Norkin
Andrea Z. Okagawa P'09
Kenneth J. O'Keefe '88
Maxwell O'Meara '52 and Dorothy O'Meara
Teresa E. O'Toole '07
Gloria J. Palmer MA'71
Aaron Panken and Lisa Messinger
Joseph Paoletta
Jessica Parkins
Pepe's of Fairfield LLC
Petra Construction Corp
Robert and Kimberly Piagentini
Harrison Pierce
Dawn M. Pilotti '96
Linda Plattus
Alison C. Poe
Thomas M. Porter
Portrait Society of America
David and Judith Pressler
Donald A. Preziosi '62 and Claire Preziosi
Michelle D. Rakowsky '17
Judith Reid
David and Marjorie Renken
Christine Secola Ricciardi '85 and Carmine Ricciardi
Harry A. Rissetto '65 and Grace R. Rissetto P'00
Jonathan R. Rivers '12
Betsy J. Rosasco
Stephen M. Rosch CAS'90 and Sarah Rosch
Marice E. Rose '92 and Mark A. Bonasera
Jeffery C. Rubin and Stephanie L. Wiles
Amy G. Rudnick
Winthrop and Mary Rutherfurd
Janet M. Sargent
Joseph D. Sargent '59 P'89, '86 +
Sheila R. Sargent P'89, '86
Thomas and Theresa Scali
Scottrade Foundation
Richard Seidlitz
Richard and Jennifer Shaefer
Richard and Eugenia Slone
Richard J. Smilow and Debi Berger
Gregory and Lillian Smith
Kenneth and Sharon Sobel
John and Mary Spollen
Christopher Steiner
TD Ameritrade
Catherine E. Lacobelle Teitell '73
Stephen J. Teti '07 and Amanda L. LeClair Teti '07
Mary M. Thompson
David M. Tobey
Philip and Ina Trager
Vincent and Jennifer Tranquillo
Kevin and Karen Walker
Kathleen E. Walsh '07
John P. Wauters
John and Carol Waxman
Carey M. Weber
Michael Weeks
Marshall and Joan Weiss
Linda Wolk-Simon
Ashlee F. Fox Zarolinski '06 and Michael A. Zarolinski
(+) deceased

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