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StagMates Love Stories

Andrea (Renzoni) Bascetta ’85 and Sebastian Richard Bascetta ’85

It was 1983 - the class was Dr. Heath's Introduction to Music 101. The classroom was hot and the air was heavy as the students filed into class while "Every Breath You take" by The Police played loudly in the background. The students talked excitedly about Michael Jackson's and Madonna's latest album and waited anxiously for the professor to begin class. I took a seat in the very front of the room and noticed a dark haired young man sitting in the very last row of the class. Each class he moved closer and closer to the front row where I was sitting until he was sitting alongside me. He dropped a letter from his desk and I picked it up and returned it to him. The values we learned from our Jesuit education and Catholic faith have kept our relationship a priority for 35 years. They have enabled us to grow stronger with each challenge life has given us.

Emily Barrett ’12 and Mathew Bleam ’07

Our story is truly one of coincidence and dumb luck. We both played rugby as undergrads which led us to attend the 50th Rugby Anniversary weekend in October 2013. Being 5 years apart in school we never overlapped but had a number of mutual rugby friends in the years between us. During the rugby event we managed to somehow strike up a conversation -- most likely over a keg at The Point. We had an undeniable smitten attraction that weekend, but since Mat is a native of Philly and I hail from Boston, we were unsure if or how we could bridge that 271-mile gap. Despite the geographical setback, we used every excuse to see one another after that first meeting. Whether it was an alumni event or a rugby gathering in NYC, we took literally every opportunity we could to see one another. We started officially dating in April 2015 and spent the next 2.5 years dating long-distance thanks in large part to FaceTime, TSA pre-check and JetBlue Airways. Mat proposed in April 2017 and we wed in September 2018 surrounded by a herd of Stags and Fairfield ruggers. It goes without saying that our relationship would not exist without Fairfield and Fairfield U rugby.

Katherine (Hayes) Saracino ’88 and Robert Saracino ’88

While we had many stories and friends in common, we did not actually meet or date on campus despite Kathy being friends with my roommates and her girlfriends living next to us in the townhouses. We met eight years after graduation; good thing - there is little chance we would be here had we met as students! I had attended a wedding of a Fairfield friend in Texas with another StagMate couple, Tom & Rena (DiBernardi) Reagan. He is/was a friend of mine and her a friend of Kathy's; they were dating at the time and subsequently were married months before us. While on the wedding trip, Rena asked how it was that I could be single and I replied, "who do you know?" A short while later, after getting clearance from Kathy, she called and let me know that she did, indeed, have a friend.

Kathy and I met a little after that on a blind date; I was sure to wear my WVOF t-shirt so she could identify me, though I am pretty sure we both perused our Freshman Directory (aka The Meat Sheet) prior to meeting. Not surprisingly, the first date consisted of a lot of common Fairfield connections and remembering events where we, as it turns out, were only feet away from each other but managed not to meet. For example, I liked to study in silence and sought out spots in the library where I thought I would find it...that usually meant the basement. However, while it was pretty quiet there, occasionally, a group of girls would be "studying" in the media room and I could hear them. I was amazed to learn that was Kathy and her friends! Or, during our senior year, a cat had kittens in the window well of one of the townhouses and the girls who lived there cared for them. As the time for graduation neared, many wondered what would become of the cats. Well, I found out, as Kathy took Cosi, one of the kittens home, and she was our first pet when we married!

So, our connections to Fairfield are varied from our introduction, to my friend and fellow '88 alum, Fr. Tom Nydegger, marrying us in the chapel on campus, to my father being an alum to Kathy, now, being a professor in the school of nursing on campus. The connections are important and meaningful to us and it's always amazing when we think of them, especially the disbelief we had when we were freshmen in the Oak Room being told by Fr. Bill to look around at this group of mostly strangers and understand that a high percentage would end up as couples! It's been 22 years since that blind date and 20 since our wedding in the chapel and we are delighted with each other and to share our Fairfield story!

Michelle Martin Tiernan ’89 and Eugene Tiernan ’89

Somehow, we managed to not cross paths at Fairfield U from Freshman through Junior year. It wasn't until Alumni Weekend in Autumn 1988 that we were introduced by a mutual friend, and at that moment our coupled journey began. After graduating in 1989 there was so much uncertainty as we and our friends started to map out our careers and lives in "the real world," yet our connection as part of the Fairfield University community kept bringing us back together until we grew inseparable. We actually got engaged on campus years later at the very spot we met - geographically what is now Rafferty Field, and what was in 1988 simply a green field. We were both working in Manhattan at the time, but came back to be married at the campus chapel and ended up settling in East Norwalk where we still live today. Our daughter attends Lauralton Hall in Milford, and our twin boys attend Fairfield Prep, since the Catholic/Jesuit values instilled in us throughout life and reinforced during our years at Fairfield U are deeply rooted. We attended the first StagMates event as an excuse to see friends who are also StagMates, and the annual event has become an important and meaningful ritual for us. To this day, we remain connected to the Fairfield U community in ways we could never have imagined at our first chance meeting back in 1988, and we look forward to continuing to renew our vows and regroup with friends at StagMates each year.