Did you know that 10% of Fairfield's alumni are married to fellow Stags? We love celebrating and hearing from these alumni couples, affectionately known as StagMates. Scroll to read some of their love stories, and to submit your own!

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2020 StagMates Reception

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StagMates Love Stories

Kelsey (George) Abichaker '12 and Roland Abichaker '11

We met during Biochemistry lab, as lab partners, during Roland's senior year and Kelsey's junior year. That semester was spent doing experiments, writing lab reports and hanging out. Both of us were seeing other people at the time so we remained friends. After Roland graduated and moved back to Boston, Kelsey finished up college, graduated and then started dental school at Boston University. Unknown to both of them, they lived in the same two mile radius during Kelsey's dental school. In 2016, as Kelsey was beginning her Orthodontic Residency program, Roland messaged Kelsey on Facebook and they both decided they should catch up and meet for drinks. First date they met up again, caught up and realized things about each other that they didn't know before. First, both being Lebanese, living two doors down from each other in the Townhouses (87 and 85), and living so close to each other in Boston. They dated for two years until Roland brought Kelsey to her favorite place on earth (Gillette Stadium) and proposed on the 50 yard line where the Patriots play. They got married 9/27/2019 in Newport, RI and danced the night away with fellow Stags who have remained their closest friends and family.

Elizabeth (Hanlon) Brasser ’75, MA’84 and James Brasser ’74

Jim and I met during my first few days at FU in 1971. I was in the second class to admit women, and we needed to vote on “parietals” (visiting hours for guys) on Day 3. Until then, young men were only allowed on the hallway of Loyola 2 if they were selling books. Jim sold all his old textbooks (and bought some more) just so he could visit our hallway. I happened to cross paths with him while he was selling some math texts to a girl down the hall. I remarked to a friend, “Did you see that guy? I’m going to date him.” As it turned out, we did date and in 1976 we married. When we married and moved to CT from NJ, I worked at the University for a couple years. For a while, I worked in the Registrar’s Office and then became the Title XX Coordinator, overseeing a program which designed and implemented training for social service providers. I also earned my MA in American Studies at FU. Jim and I treasure our Fairfield memories and love to visit our old haunts. We attend all our Reunions and love seeing classmates and friends from “the old days.”

All three of our children have graduated from Fairfield as well – Christina ’02, who met her husband (James Clark ’02) at FU, Jimmy ’04, and Colleen ’05. My son also has his MBA in Accounting from FU. My sister Kathy followed me and graduated in ’76. She met and fell in love with her husband (Bill McBain ’75). Both of their children (Liz ’04 and Bill ’07) earned degrees at FU. My sister Mary Ellen also loved Fairfield and graduated in 1978. My brother Joe ’87 met his wife (Christine Tiernan Hanlon ’89) and one of their two daughters - Caitlyn - is a freshman this year at the U. Our family gatherings are a sort of Fairfield Reunion.

Christina (Brasser) Clark ’02 and James Clark ’02

It was 200 nights before graduation in the Fall of 2001…our eyes briefly locked upon entering The Grape after a not-so-semi-formal event for us seniors (aka “200 Nights”). The moment was brief but man was it significant. As the last call bell rang, Christina was in pursuit. After a brief conversation, I leaned in and kissed Christina. To this day, I still don’t know what came over me but the stars aligned and it just seemed like the right thing to do. Two days later we went on a “date” to Archie’s (who goes on a date at Fairfield??). They say “when you know, you know” and within months of that serendipitous night, we knew. Our story has been told a thousand times but one of those recounts stands out above all. In June of 2017 we wrote a song about it. In fact, this song was written with Nick Hexum, the lead singer of my favorite band, 311. After a 6 hour song writing session in California, the song/demo Worlds Collide was born.

Fairfield provided a wonderful education for us, Christina’s parents, her 2 siblings and 2 of my sisters...not to mention, roughly a score of aunts, uncles and cousins. Most importantly I met my beautiful wife at Fairfield. We were married in 2006 and now have two wonderful children. Thank you for the foundation, Fairfield U!

Caitlin (McCarty) Miosek ’01 and Ryan Miosek ’01

It was 2001 - the year we graduated - and we met, of all places, at a bar that I don't believes exists any longer, called Al's Place. It was the tail end of Christmas break and I had come back to hang out at the beach with my roommates and friends a little early before classes commenced for our final semester at Fairfield. We met each other and almost instantaneously hit it off. Days following that were made up of evening run-ins at the Sea Grape, days spent on the beaches in the area between classes, and as the days to graduation neared it was hard to imagine life after Fairfield without each other. So much of what we learned as a Stag was about commitment (he was on the men's soccer team and I had an intense schedule fitting 4 years of courses into three) and working hard to achieve our goals and dreams not only for ourselves as individuals, but also as a unit as we graduated on that May day. The values instilled in us, both regarding family and life goals as citizens, we owe so much to Fairfield and are so thankful that it brought us together in this universe. Today we have two beautiful kids, who I can only hope have the experience we both did at Fairfield.

Jennifer (Roche) Tarr ’98 and Bradley Tarr ’99

Brad and Jen met in a cab ride from the Bridgeport train station to Fairfield’s campus on the way back from Christmas break in January of 1996. Brad was a freshman from Baltimore, MD and Jen was a sophomore from Levittown, PA, a suburb of Philly. During the cab ride they struck up conversation with the cab driver and discussed birth order and had a discussion about whether being an only child like Brad or being the youngest of four like Jen was better. Both having strong reasons why their birth order was favorable, it was an interesting ride home to campus. The next day, the start of the new semester, Brad and Jen found themselves in the same communications class. From there, the two began a friendship that would eventually turn into a steady relationship. Brad and Jen were both athletes. Brad played lacrosse, and Jen played softball. The two dated for the remainder of their years at Fairfield. Jen worked as a graduate assistant in the athletic department while Brad finished out his senior year. A job in athletics for Jen led the pair back to Maryland, Brad’s home state. They supported each other on the lacrosse and softball field and made lifelong friends who eventually stood for them at their wedding in Baltimore in 2004! The StagMates started their family in 2005 with the addition of their son, Alex, and their daughter, Olivia, in 2008. They’ve made it back for a few Fairfield Lacrosse games and try to catch the Stags when they are in town competing against Baltimore teams. Brad and Jen will never forget the great times and friendships made at Fairfield and love seeing all of the progress at the school, especially the sports programs.