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StagMates Love Stories

Nicole (Livesey) Camporeale ’12 and Vincent Camporeale ’12

We were both recruits for the cross country program, so before classes began or anyone else arrived on campus, we arrived for the start of pre-season practice. It was easy to bond with a fellow New Jerseyan and cross country runner, so it wasn't long before we became friends. Throughout college our friendship continued to grow; however, we didn't start dating until after we graduated. We were often asked why it took four years for us to start dating. The easy answer is that the timing was just never right! We always enjoyed each other’s company, had many mutual friends, and got along well, but that was just the basis of our great friendship. Second semester of senior year we started to become even closer friends. Vinny would wait for me before my afternoon class at the business school, and I made more frequent visits to Vinny’s beach house. Vinny would make it a point to make sure I always got from the beach to campus safely and would wait outside in the cold and keep me company (and warm) while waiting for a cab. In March 2012, Vinny told me that he thought of me as more than just a friend because he had a feeling that we would make a great pair, and as usual, he was right! We had the same stubborn personality, family values, and opposite interests which still seemed to complement each other. From the start, our mutual friends could tell that we would make a great couple, even if I was still a little bit unsure. Transitioning from being close friends to dating was a big leap. We didn't want to ruin our 4 years of friendship, especially if it didn't work out. But, we took the risk anyway. After graduation, all of our Fairfield friends took a trip to a lake house in upstate New York. It was there that we really decided that we were meant to be more than just friends. Five years and many great memories later, on September 16, 2017 we got married at St. Patrick Cathedral in Norwich, CT followed by an amazing reception at Priam Vineyard in Colchester surrounded by family, friends, and fellow Stags!

Kimberly (Hugret) Hamel ’77 and Thomas Hamel ’78

Tom and I will be married 39 years this August 4th. We met at Fairfield through the Hockey program. Tom played hockey and I (yikes!) was a cheerleader. Most of our married life we lived in Massachusetts. Tom owned a hardware store in Hingham and I have been a NICU nurse, mostly in Boston and now in North Carolina. Tom presently manages a Benjamin Moore paint store. We moved to the Wilmington, NC area 11 years ago. We have 2 adult daughters (Sarah married to Brant, and Allie) and 2 grandchildren (Jillian and Will). They all live in the Raleigh area. When not working we enjoy bike riding, entertaining friends and hanging out together. Tom still does most of the cooking, just like he did for me and our friends in Loyola (there was a decent kitchen there we could use anytime) and later at our beach houses! We continue to keep in touch with 7 or 8 of our Fairfield friends.

Sonia (Gomes) Hine ’93 and Kenneth Hine ’92

Sonia and I met working our way through college at the local grocery store. Sonia was in floral and I was next door in produce. This was significant because we were next to one another and I spent most of my time talking to her. So much so I was almost fired! It paid off though as we soon dated. She transferred from another college to Fairfield University to be with me. We were married just weeks after her graduation. Next year will be our 25th happy anniversary. We have two sons who are 9 and 16 years old. We are planning and hoping for them to be Stags! Sonia’s major was business management and she now is an assistant to the Fairfield town clerk. I have a bachelor’s in accounting, a master’s in education, and 6th year degree in administration. Yet, I make my living now as an author and artist. Go figure! We live in the shadow of Fairfield U and can walk to campus. Fairfield University holds great memories for us. So much so that we, as I said previously, hope our sons will be within the next generation of Stags.

Allison (White) Marshall ’74 and Donald Marshall ’71

In Spring of 1973 after a disagreement with my house mates, I stayed with my brother in South East Dorm, sleeping on the floor with the ok from his roommate. The arrangement was great for all of us since I had a car and Sea Grape money and they had the room. Unfortunately I didn't have a meal pass. Well in 1973 I met my future wife Allison, who was also a South East Dorm resident and a member of the first class of women. It turned out that Allison was a good friend of my brother. Thanks to Fr. McMahon's mercy and poor eyesight I was able to stay with my brother the whole academic year. My brother got married that year in the Japanese Gardens near the big house. To my great delight Allison was invited with her roommates and better yet she had no date. Somehow I got the courage to dance with Allison and the world turned into a spectacular place. I didn't see Allison until the beginning of the next school year when I met her and her new roommate and summoned the courage to ask her out for dinner. To my great delight she said yes, which eventually led to engagement in March of her senior year and marriage in 1975. Those years are wonderful to remember realizing that love does last. We've been married 42 years.