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Computers, Printers & Copiers


There are 5 WEPA kiosks located in the library with the capability of both B&W and color printing.

For faculty printing, please contact

More about using StagPrint.

Price per page

Black & White single sided $0.15
Black & White double-sided $0.28
Color single-sided $0.40
Color double-sided $0.74


One self-service flatbed scanner station and one automatic document feed are available in Information Commons on the main floor.

Scanning in the library is FREE!

Laptop Loaner Services

The library has 7 Windows based laptops and 1 Apple MacBook laptop available for use in the library by students, faculty and staff.

Laptops may be borrowed at the Circulation Desk using your StagCard.on a first-come, first-served basis for up to 4 hours.

MacBook and MacBook Pro Adapters are available on a first come, first served basis for up to 4 hours.

Each laptop is equipped with a wireless card and an Ethernet cable to facilitate use anywhere in the building.

For group work, laptops may be used with large screens available in the Library Collaborative Work Areas.

iPad Loans

The Library has two iPads available for use in the library by students, faculty, and staff.

The iPads are available on a first-come, first-served basis for up to 3 hours.

They are configured to automatically connect to the FACSTAFF-S network, accessible from anywhere in the building.

The iPads are loaded with a variety of apps including productivity suites (including apps to view and edit Microsoft Office documents), communication tools such as Evernote and Dropbox, news apps, public domain ebooks including the complete works of Shakespeare, education apps such as Blackboard Mobile, Mendelay, and several note taking utilities, and entertainment apps including a wide variety of sports apps.

Users might be requested to complete a brief survey upon returning the iPad.

If there is an app you would like installed, you may request it on the survey or by talking with a librarian.

An adapter for an exterior monitor is also available at the circulation desk.

Flip Camera Loans

The library has six Flip video cameras for use by students, faculty and staff. There are 5 SD-Flip cameras which are on loan from the English Department, and one HD-Flip Mino camera.

The cameras are available at the circulation desk on a first come-first served basis for up to seven days.

FlipShare software is available in the Library 250, and 115 labs for the PCs and Mac computers, and on all the library Loaner Laptops for these cameras. Additional software Movie Maker is installed on all the library PC's and iMovie software on the 250 lab Macs.

This following guide will be available for saving videos created on the Flip camera or Flip Mino HD camera.

Instructions for Flip Cameras (pdf)

Call or e-mail the Circulation Desk at ext. 2188 or for more information.

Connect from Off-Campus

If you are having difficulty connecting from off-campus, follow these directions.


Two self-service copiers are located in the Copy Center on the main floor, both accepting StagBucks on the StagCard.

The Circulation Desk staff can assist you if there are any questions about the copy machines in the library.


Computer Lab (Room 250, Main Level Entrance Lobby): 24-hour access for students, 32 computers, one WEPA printing kiosk.

Computer Lab (Room 115, Lower Level): 30 computers for students' use during library hours, and one instructor's workstation.

Kelly Information Commons: 36 Computers (including 6 iMacs), two WEPA printing kiosks with both B&W and color printing, 1 HP scanner located on computer#18, one Scannx Book Scan station and automatic document feeder

More Computer Labs throughout campus

Wireless Connectivity

Full wireless instructions

GUEST Laptop:
Use the GUEST—S wireless profile.
If prompted for a security password, type in Fairfield.

STUDENT Owned Laptop:
Students must use their standard process of connecting to the STUDENT-S network.
Use the STUDENT—S wireless profile.
If prompted for a security password, type in Fairfield.

Library Loaner Laptop:
Use the FACSTAFF-S wireless profile.
If prompted for a security password, type in Fairfield.

FACULTY AND STAFF University Laptops:
Use the FACSTAFF-S wireless profile.
If prompted for a security password, type in Fairfield.

Wired Connectivity: Tables, Carrels, Group Study Rooms

Library-wide: When patrons use laptop computers at the carrels, tables, and group study rooms throughout the building, they can connect to the Internet via the ports provided.

Directions: An Ethernet cable is required. For most computers, if you simply plug in with your Ethernet cable, the connection will work.

For students/faculty/staff, an Ethernet cable may be checked out from the Circulation Desk on the Main Level for 4-hour in-library use.

For Persons with Disabilities

Lower Level: The Media Department on the lower level features an adaptive technology workstation in Group Study Room 308, comprising a scanner and a large-screen computer with Kurzweil 1000 software, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and JAWS. More Information.

Directions: The computer may be reserved for two-hour time blocks by calling (203) 254-4000 ext. 2876. A headphone/microphone set is available, and software may be obtained from the Permanent Reserve Desk on the Main Level. Please save your work to a media device and/or e-mail your work prior to using the wireless printing service. Please save your work to a media device and/or e-mail your work prior to leaving the Adaptive Technology computer.

For Help: A binder is available in the Library at the Circulation Desk (on Permanent Reserve) that contains documentation on how to use the adaptive technology software and equipment. Also, documentation is linked to from the "For Persons with Disabilities" web page.

Contact Roxann Riskin, Technology Support Specialist, at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2925 or for special assistance.