Fairfield University’s School of Engineering Launches MS in Biomedical Engineering

Fairfield University’s School of Engineering Launches MS in Biomedical Engineering

In response to the rapidly growing demand for biomedical engineers across industries – from government to private sector to non-profit – Fairfield University will launch a 30-credit Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering program in fall 2022.

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The future is bright for students interested in biomedical engineering. Fairfield University’s School of Engineering is launching a new Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering degree program.

“The Biomedical Engineering program at Fairfield University prepares our students to be leaders in the field, advancing healthcare and technology. We are thrilled to launch the new MS program, which offers exciting courses such as medical device design, orthopedic biomechanics, molecular modeling, biomaterials, and more,” said Susan Freudzon, PhD, program director and professor of the practice. “These experiential and project-based courses prepare our students to be innovators in a rapidly changing field. Students in the MS program are encouraged to pursue hands-on research with faculty with state-of-the-art equipment from electrospinning nanofibers in the material science lab to three-dimensional motion tracking in the brand-new orthopedic biomechanics research lab.” 

Launching in fall 2022, the program focuses on the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine or biology for healthcare. In this program, students will gain theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiential learning and practical application from industry, thus preparing graduates to become leaders in the field. The program will also be offered as a 4+1 bachelor-to-master’s program in biomedical engineering, which will allow students to pursue a master’s degree in an accelerated format. 

The MS in Biomedical Engineering is a 30-credit program to be completed in as little as one year. Admission to the program will be competitively offered to students who hold a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering or bioengineering degree from an accredited four–year college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Applications to Fairfield’s Master’s in Biomedical Engineering program are now being accepted for fall 2022 classes. For admission requirements and Biomedical Engineering program webpage at www.fairfield.edu/biomedical.

Posted On: February 28, 2022

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