How NOT to Raise Money From an Angel Investor — Free Lecture

How NOT to Raise Money From an Angel Investor — Free Lecture

Susan Cipollaro, 203-254-4000 ext. 2726

When : Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 7:00 p.m.  Visit the event website at:

Where : Fairfield University DiMenna-Nyselius Library, Room 101

1073 North Benson Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

What: You've probably seen a variety of talks and articles telling you how to pitch your ideas and raise money from investors. Many of these resources have excellent advice but they only tell part of the story. Through a blend of real life examples, humor and self-analysis, you'll learn how to avoid some of the tragically common mistakes and self-destructive tendencies of those who seek outside funding.

Who : Featured speaker, Ed Goodwin has invested in 26 start–ups and has been an active angel investor since 2009. He currently serves as President of the Angel Investor Forum, Connecticut's largest angel investing group. Goodwin started his scientific career as a PhD student and then postdoc at Case Western Reserve University where some of his research led to patented methods that improved production of commercially important bio-molecules including Rituxan, the number one anticancer drug and Case's largest patent revenue to date.

This presentation is open to the public and made possible by support from IACT, The Inventors Association of Connecticut, The Dolan School of Business and the School of Engineering at Fairfield University .

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