Fairfield University’s School of Engineering announces 5th-year dual degree

Fairfield University’s School of Engineering announces 5th-year dual degree

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FAIRFIELD, Conn. (February 3, 2016) — With the rapidly changing professional landscape, Fairfield University’s School of Engineering is helping students meet their post-graduation goals by introducing a new 5 th -year degree option in Management of Technology (MOT). The program, which focuses on the interface of technology and business, will allow students to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years.

“Most engineers must make business decisions early in their careers," said Harvey Hoffman, Ph.D., professor and director of the Management of Technology program. "They have to learn to think about engineering and business in order to convince executives of the appropriate direction to take. Entrepreneurship, profit, return on investment, teamwork, strategic planning and managing people should not be foreign words to an engineer. Students receive this background in our program and that will help them quickly advance in their careers.”

Fairfield’s dual degree MOT track is a multidisciplinary field that integrates all engineering disciplines offered at Fairfield, along with technology management, systems and business. Students that enter the program combine any of Fairfield’s existing Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree with its Master’s in Management of Technology. Completion of the degree can be done in just five years, saving a year of tuition and time for students that begin the program when they are undergraduates.

The program is designed with special emphasis on the integration of business and management knowledge with an engineering curriculum that prepares students for leadership roles in technology-based organizations. This combination enables students not only to understand engineering, management and business concepts, but also to understand how that intersection distinctively shapes the world and their careers.

School of Engineering Dean Bruce Berdanier, Ph.D., said, “We have observed sustained high demand for graduates of the MOT program. Many companies today are looking for students that have the engineering insights that come from the BS engineering degrees coupled with the management and economic insights that come from the MS MOT degree. The two degrees together are a dynamite combination for companies that want to invest in and manage the development of technological innovation.”

For more information, contact Dr. Harvey Hoffman ( hhoffman@fairfield.edu ).

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