Fairfield University's Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions announces two advancement opportunities

Fairfield University's Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions announces two advancement opportunities

"Connections and Conversations" continues with Dr. Courtland Lee

60-Credit Counselor Education accreditation approved by state

Image: Courtland Lee Fairfield University's Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions' Counselor Education Department announces Conn. State approval of a 60-credit advanced degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a new workshop from the "Connections and Conversations" Series for Human Services Professionals.

On Saturday, Feb. 27 from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., Dr. Courtland Lee, renowned author, editor and educator, will lead a workshop in "Multicultural Counseling: Issues and Interventions for Promoting Social Justice" at the Dolan School of Business Dining Room.  Space is limited. To register, contact Kim Baer, kbaer@fairfield.edu or call (203) 254-4000, ext. 2140.

Dr. Diana Hulse, professor and chair of the Counselor Education Department, recently noted that the vision for the expansion of the Counselor Education Department has been enhanced by news that the State of Conn. has approved the 60-hour curriculum for the M.A. Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The new 60-hour Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, which is CACREP accredited, offers M.A. candidates the preparation needed to work in a variety of human service settings, such as mental health counseling centers, career centers, substance abuse centers and crisis counseling centers, among other community agencies that offer counseling services. Dr. Hulse stressed, "This new program meets nationally revised standards for clinical practice and state licensure requirements. Graduates of Fairfield University's new program will be able to make a seamless transition to practice as licensed eligible counselors."

In addition, an opportunity to acquire CEUs through the department's popular "Connections and Conversations" Series continues with Dr. Lee's workshop in aspects of social justice.

Dr. Hulse, described Dr. Lee as a charismatic force, "Dr. Courtland Lee is a dynamic, inspirational speaker and international leader in the counseling profession. Through his research, teaching and service activities he motivates new and experienced professionals to engage in activities that support advocacy and social justice."

The workshop will emphasize culturally competent counseling as a force for promoting advocacy and social justice in a variety of settings. It will move beyond awareness and knowledge to actual skill development from a culturally diverse perspective. The areas explored include conceptualizing a social justice approach to counseling, describing systematic barriers to mental health and well-being, identifying relationship problems as well as evaluating dilemmas in cross-cultural counseling. CEU credits are available and sponsored by the NBCC and NASW.

Dr. Lee is a professor and director of the Counselor Education Program at the University of Maryland, College Park. In addition to his own academic authorship, he is co-editor of four books on multicultural counseling, three on counseling African American males and two on counseling and social justice. He is an internationally recognized authority and is president of the International Association for Counseling, among other honors.

Dr. Hulse's personal connection with Dr. Lee prompted her enthusiasm for his visit, "As a counselor educator who has worked with Dr. Lee for many years, I am thrilled that he is coming to our campus to share his ideas on multicultural counseling and ways to promote social justice."

Graduate admissions will hold an informational meeting about the new program and other GSEAP programs on Thursday, March 4 at the Kelley Center from 5:30-7:00 p.m. For more information, visit www.fairfield.edu/gseap/gseap_grad_1.html . For more information on the "Connections and Conversations" event, visit www.fairfield.edu/gseapevents .


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Posted On: 02-12-2010 10:02 AM

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