A gift for Shakespeare and comedy brings honor to Dr. Richard Regan

A gift for Shakespeare and comedy brings honor to Dr. Richard Regan

This year's Fairfield University yearbook, The Manor, is being dedicated to a professor who is as adept at teaching Shakespeare as he is comedy. Dr. Richard Regan, a long-time resident of Fairfield, was also called "one of the most tech savvy professors I have encountered at Fairfield," by Julia Mancina, a junior and this year's Editor-in-Chief of The Manor, who made the announcement.

Julia said she first heard about Dr. Regan from her roommate "who would come back raving about his class." A biology major, Julia says she overcame a little anxiety about taking an upper level English class to sign up for Dr. Regan's course in comedy. She didn't need to worry. Not only did Dr. Regan present the course material "in an engrossing fashion to all the members of the class," she says he enhances the learning process by integrating the latest technology into all of his lessons.

Each year the senior class dedicates The Manor to one exceptional professor who has helped to shape the minds of Fairfield students and has contributed greatly to the Fairfield community. The yearbook staff talks to students in an effort to identify faculty members that touched the lives of students in a special way.

"This is no easy task because there are so many deserving professors at Fairfield," Julia said. While several professors have shown the ability to inspire students and convey knowledge in a unique fashion, she said Dr. Regan's name immediately stood out.

Posted On: 05-28-2008 10:05 AM

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