Fairfield University offers Counseling Education Spring Lecture Series with CEUs

Fairfield University offers Counseling Education Spring Lecture Series with CEUs

The Fairfield University Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions announces "Connections and Conversations: The Counselor Education Series for Human Services Professionals," a spring 2009 lecture and full-day workshop series sponsored by the Department of Counseling Education. The four workshops, all held on Saturdays in January, March and April, run from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. and cover such topics as Impact Therapy, grief and loss, legal and ethical issues and the use of creative arts in counseling. The registration fees, which include all materials, are $90 per workshop for practicing professionals and $35 per workshop for students. All participants may earn 6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Leading off the series on Saturday, Jan. 31 is Dr. Ed Jacobs, founder of Impact Therapy, director of Impact Therapy Associates and a counselor educator in the Counseling, Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Department at West Virginia University. The focus is on "Impact Therapy: An Active, Creative, Multi-Sensory Approach" and the workshop serves as an introduction to a short-term, action-oriented approach which encourages clients to think, see and do. Jacobs describes his dynamic approach to counseling by noting, "The brain likes novelty and my approach taps into a new and stimulating way of thinking. The techniques I use encourage the counselor kick it up a notch. With the role-play we employ, counselors explore new ideas and we show how counseling theory is put into practice." School counselors, mental health counselors and private practitioners who have limited time with their clients will find the principles of particular use.

Dr. David Capuzzi, a well-known counselor education expert who is an affiliate professor in the Department of Counselor Education, Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Services at Pennsylvania State University, discusses and conducts a workshop on "The Many Facets of Grief," March 14. Included is information pertinent to counseling clients who are adjusting to transitions and losses; spotlighting the stages of grief and loss, the four tasks of mourning, the difference between normal and dysfunctional responses to transition and loss, blocks to successful grieving, helpful responses to bereaved clients, signs of recovery and guidelines for facilitating loss support groups.

On April 4, Dr. Mary Hermann, a lawyer and Ph.D. in Counselor Education addresses "Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling." Hermann is a counselor educator at Virginia Commonwealth University and has co-edited a book on legal and ethical issues in school counseling. This workshop will assist counselors in identifying their legal and ethical responsibilities. Topics include the 2005 revisions of the American Counseling Association's Code of Ethics, the 2004 revisions of the American School Counselor Association's Code of Ethics, rights of minor clients, dual relationships, client suicide, clients who pose a danger to others, confidentiality and legal and ethical issues in supervision.

Dr. Sam Gladding, chair and professor in the Department of Counseling at Wake Forest University, closes the series on April 25 with "Using the Creative Arts in Counseling." Gladding is the author of many books on counseling, including three editions of "The Creative Arts in Counseling" and "The Counseling Dictionary." The workshop examines the theories, processes and techniques of using the creative arts in counseling. Particular attention will be given to the visual and verbal arts, such as drawing, imagery, photography, cartooning, movement, dance, drama and music.

For more information or to register, contact Kim Baer in the GSEAP Dean's office at kbaer@mail.fairfield.edu or call (203) 254-4000, ext. 2140.

Connections & Conversations: The Counselor Education Series for Human Services Professionals

January 31, 2009 "Impact Therapy"
Dr. Ed Jacobs, West Virginia University
Barone Campus Center, Oak Room

March 14, 2009 "The Many Facets of Grief"
Dr. David Capuzzi, Pennsylvania State University
Dolan School of Business Dining Room

April 4, 2009 "Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling"
Dr. Mary Hermann, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dolan School of Business Dining Room

April 25, 2009 "Using the Creative Arts in Counseling"
Dr. Sam Gladding, Wake Forest University
Alumni House, Brennan Room

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