Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Operations announces resignation

Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Operations announces resignation

Ric Taylor, Fairfield University's associate vice president for campus planning and operations, has announced he is resigning after 20 years of service to the institution.

In making the announcement, Taylor said he never expected to stay at Fairfield for 20 years. "I was hired to supervise construction of the Quick Center and Chapel and I assumed I would move on once they were completed. But, one project blended into the next and unbelievably, 20 years have passed."

Taylor, who indicated he will leave at the end of the current academic year, went on to say that during these years, he has postponed some of his personal and professi Ric Taylor onal goals. "With the University now embarking on a long-term facilities plan to support the strategic vision, the time is appropriate for new leadership to take the helm, bringing new ideas and creativity to the campus" development. The timing will enable me to take advantage of opportunities that have presented themselves and, hopefully, realize my desire to flee the long New England winters.

"Along with so many others, I take great pride in Fairfield's enhancements in quality, reputation, and campus," he continued. "In the 20 years spent here, I have been very thankful for the opportunities and challenges entrusted in me and for the mentoring provided by the several administrators to whom I have reported. I look forward to future campus visits when I will be reminded of the projects with which I was involved and will see exciting changes that have taken place. I will always look back at my time at Fairfield fondly, and will miss most the personal and professional relationships I have enjoyed with so many talented and dedicated people."

Bill Lucas, vice president for finance and administration, gave high praise to Taylor and his work. "Ric Taylor has tirelessly devoted two decades of his life to the institution and the critically important areas of facilities development and operation, as well as the less visible physical plant infrastructure. His talents, energy and enthusiasm have contributed to the beautiful campus we enjoy today. In addition, Ric has initiated numerous projects that have put Fairfield in the forefront of new infrastructure technologies. For example, his skillful planning for campus-wide utility distribution over the years has resulted in the significant opportunity that the combined heating and power facility will provide Fairfield. He is respected by the many members of the external community with whom he has interacted in the course of his work, and he has built an outstanding campus planning and operations team. Ric will be greatly missed," Lucas said.

Taylor came to Fairfield in 1987. Previously, he served as City Properties Supervisor for New Bedford, Mass., and Director of Facilities and Operations for the Swain School of Design, also in New Bedford. Taylor received a B.S. in civil engineering at Southeastern Massachusetts, University. During his tenure, Taylor has been involved with more than 25 major construction and renovation projects totaling over 1.6 million square feet and $150 million. In 1995 Taylor was appointed assistant vice president for administration to lead the newly merged design and maintenance departments and was subsequently promoted to his current position in 2002.

Along with work on the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts and Egan Chapel of St. Ignatius Loyola, Taylor has overseen construction and/or renovation on the following: The Apartment Village, DiMenna-Nyselius Library, Rudolph F. Bannow Science Center, John A. Barone Campus Center, the Aloysius P. Kelley, S.J. Center, Dolan Campus complex and the combined heat and power facility which is under construction.

Posted On: 04-19-2007 10:04 AM

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