Search process for Campus Ministry director announced

Search process for Campus Ministry director announced

Rev. Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J., announced, on Sunday, details of the search process to replace Rev. Paul Carrier, S.J., who is leaving Fairfield at the end of the academic year for a sabbatical year in anticipation of a new assignment.

During the 11 a.m. Mass at Egan Chapel St. Ignatius of Loyola, Father von Arx said, "I consider myself a part of this worshipping community, and participate regularly as a celebrant and a member of the congregation. I will miss Father Carrier's inspired homilies and his charismatic leadership. The decision to move Father Carrier is very sad news for us, but we must also recognize what very good news it will be for another institution or congregation."

Father von Arx indicated he is forming an interview committee to assist him in the search for a new Director of Campus Ministry. George Diffley, Vice President for University Advancement, will chair the committee. Other members will be Jessica DiBuono, President of the Fairfield University Student Association, Rev. Frank Hannafey, S.J., Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Ms. Talia Pettini '06, Co-President of the Campus Ministry Council, Melissa Quan, presently Assistant Chaplain and Director of Community Service, and John Santa, a member of the chapel worshipping community. "We will be attempting to identify a Jesuit in the first instance to assume this position. The new Director of Campus Ministry will then have responsibility for filling the other vacancies in the Office of Campus Ministry. As you know, one of the goals of our Strategic Plan is the integration of life and learning on campus, and I see the Office of Campus Ministry playing a crucial role in this regard."

Addressing the action taken by Provincial Rev. Thomas Regan, S.J., who made the decision regarding Father Carrier's departure, Father von Arx said, "Our Provincial has determined that, after eighteen years here at Fairfield, he wishes Father Carrier to prepare for a new assignment. I want to assure this community that Father Carrier's leaving has nothing to do with any dissatisfaction on my part or on the part of the University with the job he has been doing here: quite the contrary. No one else from inside or outside Fairfield University has sought his removal for anything he has done or said, and to think or say otherwise is no service to Fr. Carrier. A Jesuit provincial has responsibility for all of the apostolic works of the province."

Father von Arx also assured those gathered of his commitment to the continuing support of the outreach programs that have characterized the apostolic commitments of the community, especially the programs in Haiti. "I spoke with Doug Perlitz this week to offer him that assurance and I will be meeting with him when he is next in this country in May." Father also stated that he has asked Mark Reed, Vice President for Student Affairs, to ensure that the financial support Fairfield provides to external programs like Project Pierre Toussaint continues.

In closing, Father said the chapel community need not be concerned about the continuity of sacramental ministry after Father Carrier and Father Terrence Devino, S.J., who has accepted a new position at the University of Scranton, leave because of the Jesuit Community of thirty priests who will be available throughout the summer.

Posted On: 04-09-2006 10:04 AM

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