Fairfield University ranks among the best in college guides

Fairfield University ranks among the best in college guides

The new crop of 2006 college guides have made their appearance and Fairfield University has once again received high grades for its academics and over-all quality of education experience. The latest guide to include Fairfield, just out in bookstores today, is The Best 361 Colleges , called by its publisher, The Princeton Review, "The Smart Student's Guide to Colleges."

Academic Vice President Orin Grossman said while there are varying opinions on the value of college guides, he is pleased by the consistency Fairfield has shown in being cited for its strong academic program.

Endorsed by CNN as "A great book," The Best 361 Colleges , relies heavily on input from students, and quotes them describing Fairfield as "a challenging environment where a serious student can feel comfortable," and that it achieves the Jesuit ideal of "educating the whole person" through a "strong core curriculum" and extracurricular programs that "put the focus on finding balance in life."

Students also describe Fairfield as "an extremely social school" where students tend to be involved in "a wide range of activities."

The 2006 Fiske Guide to Colleges , endorsed by USA Today , as "The best college guide you can buy," lists Fairfield among its "Small Colleges and Universities Strong in Business," and says Fairfield "is moving into the same class as older, more revered East Coast Jesuit institutions."

The Fiske Guide gives a broad overview of Fairfield's academic and campus life, including academic offerings, study-abroad, Fulbrights awarded, interaction with faculty, residence life, social and outreach opportunities. Listing the strongest programs as art history, communication, religious studies, accounting and finance, management and marketing, the Fiske Guide says, "Despite the beautiful facilities, students may find it difficult to squeeze a workout into their demanding class schedules ... Fairfield's academic climate is not cutthroat, but challenging nevertheless."

Image: U.S.News & World Report The recent U.S.News & World Report's 2006 edition of America's Best Colleges , placed Fairfield University tied for the number four spot among the Best Universties-Master's in the North. This is the 15th year in a row that Fairfield has ranked among the top four in this category, over the years moving among the number two, three and four positions.

With there being so many unquantifiable factors that contribute to a superb educational experience, Dr. Grossman recommends that families use college guides to familiarize themselves with the kinds of educational opportunities that are avaiilable. "Beyond that, it's important to do the hard work of visiting the colleges you are most interested in and having your questions ready. It's always helpful when a prospective student can visit a class and talk with a professor or talk with enrolled students or alumni," he said.

"In the end, a reputable university will want to work with each student and his or her family to ensure that there is a good match where the student can thrive as an individual and realize his or her potential," he said.

Posted On: 08-23-2005 10:08 AM

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