University College at Fairfield University offers two Interior Design

University College at Fairfield University offers two Interior Design

Image: Robert Hardy University College at Fairfield University is offering two interior design certificate programs to meet the needs of interior designers interested in honing their skills, career changers considering a move to a more creative calling, and those who simply want to learn more about a fascinating field.

The certificate programs are open to beginners and professionals alike. Introductory level courses in both programs give students a good overview of the field and will help them decide whether or not they want to pursue one of the rigorous certificate programs, said Robert Hardy, ASID, interior design curriculum coordinator for University College. Interior designers with other schooling under their belts may qualify to waive some of the required courses.

"This is a very exciting time for interior design partly because what allows designers to be creative of course are the materials, and there are so many new materials coming on the market all the time," said New Canaan resident Hardy. Hardy has been in the Interior Design business for 34 years, serving residential clients and providing a workroom for upholstered walls to the trade.

Today's interior designers are also freer to mix and match styles and genres in their own way, Hardy said, noting that eclecticism has become fashionable. "At this point in history, there are more styles that are relevant now than at any time in the past," Hardy said. "The designer has more viable options in creating things that are interesting, that are relevant."

The 45-credit Interior Design Professional Certificate provides a hands-on design experience, plus training that enables students to translate abstract concepts into three-dimensional reality. Students develop the type of portfolio and presentation style that is the mark of a professional. Students in Fairfield University's Professional Certificate must maintain at least a B average and a favorable evaluation of their portfolio in order to receive a certificate of completion.

The Professional Certificate, when taken for credit, satisfies the minimum educational eligibility requirements for NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) Certification.

The NCIDQ certification, which also requires four years of full-time work experience and a series of exams, is a prerequisite for professional membership in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the nation's largest professional organization of interior designers.

The 30-credit Interior Design Residential Certificate provides the same foundation for hands-on design experience and training as the professional certificate, but is geared to students who wish to specialize in residential design only and are not interested in NCIDQ certification. Students enrolled in the 30-credit program can choose to switch to the Professional Certificate at any time, however only courses taken for credit can be applied to NCIDQ requirements.

Both certificate programs require a range of courses including: Interior Design I, II and III; Drawing & Presentation; History of Furniture; Color Design; Perspective Techniques; and Lighting for Interiors. History of Architecture and Interior Design, Commercial Design and Basic CADD are also required for the Professional Certificate and can be taken as electives for the Residential Certificate.

Participants in the interior design certificate programs pay $375 per credit, plus a $25 registration fee. Students who would like to take some of the interior design courses not-for-credit, pay $525 per course.

In addition to its certificate programs, University College offers students a chance to "get their feet wet" with three non-credit courses in interior design. The Business of Interior Design, a series of six sessions for $275, offers students the viewpoints of six practicing interior designers. Portfolio Techniques, $150, is a one-session seminar focusing entirely on improving the quality of presentation boards. The College also offers a $99 Guided Tour of the D&D Building in New York City to help students become acquainted with the vast array of materials available to interior designers.

Classes begin on Sept. 13. For more information on the Interior Design Certificate Programs or other interior design courses, call University College at (203) 254-4307.

Posted On: 08-30-2004 10:08 AM

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