Arthur Andersen Fellows announced at Fairfield University

Arthur Andersen Fellows announced at Fairfield University

Dr. Orin Grossman, academic vice president at Fairfield University, has named the first two Arthur Andersen Fellows for the Charles F. Dolan School of Business. They are Dr. Bruce Bradford of Milford, Conn., associate professor of accounting, and Dr. Carl Scheraga of Stamford, Conn., associate professor of business strategy and technology management.

In selecting the two professors for the honor, Dr. Grossman said he looked for outstanding teachers and scholars who were willing to try new materials and teaching techniques in the classroom.

The award, designed to attract and retain highly qualified faculty, was established by the late Dean Walter Ryba and Dr. Grossman and made possible through generous funding from the Arthur Andersen Accounting Firm.

Each professor will receive a monetary award presented each year for a three-year period and a plaque of distinction to be hung outside his office door. Joseph Berardino, managing partner at Arthur Andersen and a Fairfield University trustee and alumnus, said, "The Arthur Andersen Fellows program is intended to acknowledge outstanding scholarship and teaching on the part of faculty. We have been very pleased with the Fairfield University graduates who work for Arthur Andersen and want to recognize and support the continued commitment we see at the Dolan School of Business to innovation and technical competency, so necessary in today's business environment."

Dr. Bruce Bradford holds a doctorate in accounting from the University of Memphis and a doctorate in plant pathology from Virginia Tech. His unique science background, coupled with his accounting training, has given him an outstanding and highly regarded reputation for knowledge in producing respected research publications and conference presentations. As Director of Research for the Dolan School of Business, he has been a mentor to other faculty in their research and publication activities.

A talented teacher as well, Dr. Bradford's expertise in cost accounting and in the dramatic changes in cost accounting resulting from technology and the development of information systems, has enriched all of his classes. He has developed new and exciting course work in these areas and is instrumental in the continuous updating of all accounting courses.

Dr. Carl Scheraga, who holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Connecticut, was named outstanding teacher in Fairfield's MBA program over the last three years. Prior to coming to Fairfield, he was twice named best teacher at the University of Maryland School of Business. Dr. Scheraga is known for his use of state of the art materials, particularly on Information Technology. On numerous occasions, his students have taken his class materials and concepts back to their firms and organizations with the consequent result of having them integrated into strategic policy.

Dr. Scheraga's research has focused on technology and operations problems dealing with logistics and transportation, with an emphasis on international activities. He has collaborated with his colleague Dr. Patricia Poli, assistant professor of accounting, on several important accounting and logistics cross discipline projects and papers that have resulted in national awards.

Posted On: 01-23-2001 09:01 AM

Volume: 33 Number: 113