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The leaves installed on the Bellarmine lawn are on loan to the Fairfield University Art Museum for the next year from the American artist Alan Sonfist (b. 1946), best known as a pioneer of the Land or Earth Art movement. These four larger-than-life aluminum sculptures of leaves were created in 2011 and represent several of New England’s most beloved native trees: the American Beech, the American Chestnut, the Burr Oak, and the Sugar Maple. The sculpted leaves act as reminders to honor and protect the trees, and as a warning that failure to do so could result in their extinction.

In April 2022, the museum presented a panel featuring artist Alan Sonfist and faculty from Fairfield University's Biology Department and Engineering Program, highlighting these sculptures in the context of climate change and conservation.

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Endangered Species of New England



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Panel: Art, Science, and Engineering Respond to Climate Change

Monday, April 4, 5 p.m.

With artist Alan Sonfist, CAS Associate Professor of Marine Biology Chelsie Counsell, and SOE Associate Dean Elif Kongar
BCC, Dogwood Room

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