Student Life

Full Fairfield Student Privileges. And More.

Student Life as a Fairfield Bellarmine Undergraduate

Recognizing that many will be juggling work and family obligations alongside their academic commitments, student life in Fairfield Bellarmine will be built upon the Jesuit tradition of caring for the whole person — mind, body, and spirit.

To enhance the vibrant Fairfield Bellarmine learning experience, the following activities, programs, and services are envisioned:

Summer Orientation

and pre-arrival activities for students and their families.

First-Year Seminar

to assist with transition and establish a space for reflection.

Student Government Structure

to provide a voice for Fairfield Bellarmine students.

Opportunities to Join Clubs

and organizations on the main campus and the satellite campus.

Full Fairfield University Student Access

to All Main Campus Athletics Events, Arts Performances, and Cultural Activities.

Cultivation of the Spirit

through programs infused with Catholic social justice teaching and inter-religious dialogue.

Community Service

volunteer opportunities to live as “men and women for others”.

Success Coaching

and mentoring by qualified faculty, staff, and peer educators.

Mental Health & Social Services

through on-site clinical and case management services, and provision of external referrals to partners.