Financial Aid

Making college affordable.

Financial Aid at Fairfield Bellarmine

Fairfield Bellarmine is designed to allow open access to education, at an affordable rate for low-income and first-generation students in which no student will have to pay more than $1,000 a year based on FAFSA or Bellarmine Aid Application results.

To take full advantage of all available financial aid resources, all Fairfield Bellarmine students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form or Bellarmine Aid application* every year. The FAFSA can be completed at using the Fairfield University federal school code 001385.

Students and parents must first obtain an FSA ID before completing the FAFSA. Please visit if you or your parent do not already have an FSA ID.

The 2024-25 FAFSA portal is now open.
If you are unable to complete a FAFSA form, please contact us at

*Please note that the Bellarmine Aid application is for undocumented students, only. Undocumented students can access and download the PDF application online.

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Fairfield Bellarmine Offers the following types of Aid:


Monies that are based on financial need from the results of your FAFSA or Bellarmine Aid Application. Grants are awarded through the University, State or Federal Government and do not need to be paid back.


All students completing the FAFSA are offered the Federal Subsidized and Federal Unsubsidized Loans. Federal Loans are considered self-help awards and you are not required to take them. Loans are required to be paid back typically 6 months after a student graduates or is enrolled less than half time status (6 credits). Please contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss if utilizing a federal loan is the right decision for paying for your education.

Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study allows students up to $2,000 annually through campus or community-based employment. Federal Work study will not go towards a student's balance owed. Eligible and interested students should contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Other Financial Aid Information

Academic Progress Standards

For a student to receive financial aid and/or merit scholarships, regulations require satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward a degree. For full SAP requirements, please visit our Academic Progress Standards page.

Verification Process

Students may be selected for a process called Verification. This requires the university to verify that some of the Data elements on the FAFSA are correct. This could include Household Size and Income. If you are selected for Verification, the Financial Aid Office will contact you for more information.

Cost of Attendance

Direct Charges

Tuition and Fees for Fall and Spring: $12,000 ($6,000 per semester)

Tuition and Fees Summer: $3,000

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs represent an estimate of other potential expenses related to attending Fairfield Bellarmine. These are not billed by the University but may be used for planning purposes.

Details Cost

Academic Materials


Living Expenses (housing and food is based off living with parent or off campus and meals are based off three meals per day)*






Total Indirect Cost


Health Insurance

Billed in the fall semester only and is required for all students enrolled in classes on the Bellarmine Campus. Health insurance can be waived if the student is currently on a health insurance plan. Health insurance waiver instructions become available during the summer.

For additional information or inquires please contact the Associate Director of Financial Aid, Brian Leonelli-Blain, at