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Fairfield University is a residential campus with approximately 2,600 full-time undergraduate students, living on campus in residence halls, townhouses, and apartment complexes. Graduate student housing is also offered in independent off-campus houses, and in an apartment style residence hall (47 Mahan Road and Dolan Hall).

As a residential campus, life in the halls, townhouses, and apartments are an integral part of the Fairfield undergraduate’s four-year experience. Programs and activities specific to a hall or residence area, are sponsored by resident assistants and area coordinators, or in partnership with other offices and departments to provide students with numerous educational, social, cultural, service, and spiritual programs and activities for personal growth, development, and fun. Programs range from game nights and movie nights, to mentoring sessions and retreats, to career development workshops and guest speakers, to residence area community athletic game fundraisers, and many more. These diversely designed programs enrich the students’ loves and help them be more fully engaged in the life of the University.

Living in residence teaches and fosters a sense of shared and collective responsibility – responsibility to one’s self, roommate(s), floor mates, and the campus community. Residential living at Fairfield University is an experience, where learning is continuous.

Contact Information

Office of Residence Life
Barone Campus Center, first level, room 96
Main Number: (203) 254-4215
Fax: (203) 254-4151

Closing Information

Closing Dates & Information.

Housing Options

Residential life at Fairfield University consists of a variety of housing options on campus, and housing is guaranteed for four years to all full-time, matriculated undergraduate students. In addition, students are required to remain resident students for four years unless they are able to commute from home or are otherwise released from this obligation by the Office of Residence Life.

Housing Lottery

Fairfield University guarantees the availability of University housing to all full-time undergraduate students who apply and are admitted as resident students for the duration of their undergraduate experience (i.e., all four years). Each year, the University holds a housing lottery to determine where students will live the following year.

Summer Housing

For Fairfield University students taking classes, holding internships, or working in the area on-campus housing is available during the summer.

For more information regarding Resident Assistant Staff Selection, visit our policy and procedures page.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures governing life in the student residences are outlined in the Student Handbook. Policies specific to residential life are contained in the Residential Guidelines section. Students can request a copy of the Handbook from the Office of the Dean of Students or access it on the University's website.

Resident Jesuits

Members of the Society of Jesus - Jesuit priests - are a valued part of the residential living communities. In particular, those who live in residence help to foster a spiritual community within their respective areas and offer their presence, guidance, and counseling to their residents. Resident Jesuits offer Mass for their residents and may participate in floor or other hall programs and activities. Students are encouraged to reach out and get to know the Jesuits who live among them. They will find in them caring and dedicated men who have devoted their lives to and "for the greater glory of God" and the development and education of young men and women.


Below you will find various links, forms, and applications related to the Office of Residence Life's on-campus and off-campus housing options and related programs. Questions about housing can be addressed by contacting an Area Coordinator or by calling the Office of Residence Life.

New Students

Read the Residence Hall & Meal Plan Agreement in the to make sure you know all of the policies.

Build-A-House Program

Check out the Build-A-House application for more details. Participating in the Build-A-House program provides an opportunity for you to live with a group of friends in a townhouse or apartment dedicated to a particular theme or interest. Additionally, priority selection for housing is given to Build-A-House participants.


The Office of Residence Life is located in the Barone Campus Center 096 on the lower level.

The office is open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Ophelie Rowe-Allen

Associate Dean, Residence Life

BCC 096

(203) 254-4215

Charles Sousa

Senior Associate Director of Residence Life

BCC 096

(203) 254-4215

Meredith Smith

Associate Director of Residence Life

BCC 096

(203) 254-4215

Pejay Lucky

Director of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

BCC 100

(203) 254-4101

Jodie Fitzpatrick

Assistant Director Business and Housing Operations

BCC 096

(203) 254-4215

Alberto Jacome

Area Coordinator - Regis/Gonzaga Hall

Jogues 119

(203) 254-4215

Shawn McCabe

Area Coordinator - 70 McCormick Rd/Loyola Hall

Service for Justice Residential College and Creative Life Residential College

McCormick 104

(203) 254-4215

Laura Boliver

Area Coordinator - 42 Langguth Rd/Loyola Hall (First-Years)

Ignatian Leadership Residential College

42 Langguth Rd

(203) 254-4215

Jonathan Horgan

Area Coordinator - Dolan Hall and the Townhouses

Dolan Hall 311

(203) 254-4215

Niquita Dietrich

Area Coordinator - The Village/South Side (47 Mahan, Meditz Hall, Kostka Hall & Claver Hall, Faber Hall)

Mahan 110

(203) 254-4215

Marianne Neville

Mentor Program Coordinator (Sophomore Residential College Program)

BCC 96


Caitlin Amaya

Graduate Resident Coordinator

Gonzaga 014

(203) 254-4215

Joshua Singleton

Graduate Resident Coordinator- Meditz Hall

Meditz Hall 10F

(203) 254-4215

Shennell Tyndell

Area Coordinator - Campion Hall

Campion Hall

(203) 254-4215

Shaquanna Raynor

Graduate Resident Coordinator- 42 Mahan Rd

47 Mahan Rd 110

(203) 254-4215

Ali Famigletti

Graduate Resident Coordinator- Gonzaga Hall

Gonzaga Hall 014


Kevin Fiallos

Graduate Resident Coordinator- South Townhouses

47 Mahan Rd 110


Caitlin Amaya

Graduate Resident Coordinator - Loyola Hall

Loyola Commons


Daniela Trotman

Graduate Resident Coordinato- Kostka Hall

47 Mahan 110


Nicolle Salazar

Graduate Resident Coordiantor

Dolan Hall 311

Sharon Ferguson

Operations Assistant II

BCC 096

(203) 254-4215

Philo Edu

Fairfield University is excited to offer the entertainment-streaming platform, Philo Edu. Philo Edu delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Roku-enabled TV sets anywhere on the University network for all on-campus residents. Beginning June 1st 2018, watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere on campus—from the residence halls to The Tully!

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