Campion Hall

Campion Hall

Located on the Quad, Campion was built in 1964 and stands four stories tall. The building was named in honor of Saint Edmund Campion, S.J., who was martyred for preaching the Catholic faith in Reformation England. Campion Hall is also home of the Healthy Living Living and Learning Community.


Hall Features

  • First-year students only
  • Co-ed by wing/floor
  • Double and triple rooms available
  • Community bathroom in each wing
  • Campion Hall Bill of Rights
  • Laundry facilities in building
  • Three common lounges and one kitchen
  • Vending machines
  • Elevator
  • Eight Resident Assistants throughout the building
  • Resident Jesuit housing


Room Features

  • Double or triple occupancy
  • Desks (three drawers with keyboard drawer)
  • Desk chairs
  • Beds (most can be bunked, raised, or lofted)
  • Three-drawer dressers
  • Wardrobes or closets
  • Micro-fridge (a combination microwave and refrigerator unit)
  • Computer network connections
  • Cable TV connection
  • Phone connection (which students share but can set up private voicemail)
  • Window coverings

Room Dimensions

  • First floor - 10' x 17'
  • Second, third, fourth floors - 11' x 18'
  • Triple rooms - 13.5' x 18'

Recommended Carpet Sizes

  • Double Room - 10' x 12'
  • Triple Room - 12' x 15'

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