Housing Options

Housing Options

Residential life at Fairfield University consists of a variety of housing options on campus, and housing is guaranteed for four years to all full-time, matriculated undergraduate students. In addition, students are required to remain resident students for four years unless they are able to commute from home or are otherwise released from this obligation by the Office of Residence Life.

All first-year students live together in traditional-style halls, and sophomores live mostly in traditional-style halls with some living in suite-style halls depending upon availability. Juniors and Seniors live in townhouses, apartments, or off campus (on a limited basis).

Fairfield's housing options consist of six traditional-style residence halls (mostly double rooms, with a common bathroom for the floor), four suite-style halls (two double rooms sharing one bathroom connecting the two rooms, a large room with an in-suite bathroom, or Pod style with 2, 4, or 5 double rooms, sharing a connected bathroom), over 100 two-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouses, and three apartment buildings. All student residences allow each student to connect his or her computer to the campus network.

Housing Options


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Housing Lottery Information

Graduate Student Housing

Fairfield University offers limted housing for graduate students in two locations. Graduate students are housed in independent off-campus houses.  For more information regarding graduate housing please visit the Graduate Student Housing page or contact the Office of Residence Life at 203-254-4215.

Traditional Residence Halls

Fairfield University has six traditional residence halls.

Suite Style Residence Halls

Fairfield University offers four suite style Residence Halls.


There are three apartment buildings for upperclass students. Living in the apartments provides students with an opportunity to learn self-responsibility and shared-responsibility. Residents are responsible for preparing their own meals (a limited meal plan option is available and popular with students). Due to the climate-controlled environment, utility costs are included in the apartment rental charges.

Town Houses

The Townhouse Complex sits on the north end of campus, adjacent to the Dolan campus, athletic fields, the Walsh Athletic Center, and McAuliffe Hall. The Townhouses consist of 102 units spread across 15 blocks of houses, which are occupied by approximately 450 juniors and seniors.

Off-Campus Housing

As part of the annual housing selection and assignment process, the Office of Residence Life accepts applications from students who wish to enter a lottery for release from University housing in order to live off campus the next year. In recent years and for the foreseeable future, this invitation has been and will be extended only to juniors who, if selected through the lottery, will live off campus as seniors.

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