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Build-A-House 2020-2021 Overview

Raising Awareness, Creating Impact, Promoting Civic Responsibility

Junior and senior residents are invited to apply to create their own Living and Learning experience through the Build-A-House Program. Accepted Build-A-Houses can choose housing in any of the upper-class options.

Build-A-House themes can be campus related, local community related, national, or global in scope. The goal of each house is to raise awareness of important concerns, to build community by bringing neighbors together, and to create a positive impact not only at Fairfield but far beyond campus borders as well. Houses are selected on their ability to articulate their vision to raise awareness, create impact, and promote civic responsibility.

The Build-A-House program is open to residential rising juniors (2022) and rising seniors and rising seniors (2021) interested in becoming Build-A-Houses for 2020-2021. The application form is DUE February 3, 2020. Invitations for interviews will be extended to the strongest applications by February 10, 2020. Please note we only need 1 Application PER HOUSE. Applicants should also participate in the Housing Lottery process.

  • Programming: Each house must provide (2) well-planned and quality programs for their area or campus-wide related to their chosen theme per semester. All members of the Build-A-House are required to contribute equally and must showcase a passion, care, or dedication to their chosen topic. These programs must be advertise via flyers and on Life@Fairfield.
  • Communication: Each Build-A-House is required to communicate with their Area's Residence Life staff (ACs & RAs) in a timely and organized fashion. Build-A-Houses are required to complete Program Proposals and Evaluations in accordance with Residence Life Guidelines.
  • Mandatory Training & Reflections: Each Build-A-House will be required to attend a (1) training session per semester and complete an end of semester reflection.
  • Leadership: Each Build-A-House is required to model strong citizenship and civic responsibility by abiding by the University Code of Conduct and serving as a positive influence on their areas.
  • Maintaining Membership: Each member of the Build-A-House should be dedicated to the theme. If any residents of the house leave for whatever reason it is the responsibility of the other residents to find another person to fill that space. This person should also be willing to participate in the Build-A-House program. Losing members of the Build-A-House is not an excuse to discontinue participation in the program. Remaining members of the house are asked to seek new members and continue with the program.

Failure to comply with the aforementioned responsibilities could result in expulsion from the Build-A-House program and possible disbandment of the house. Expulsion from the program may also result in a loss of your townhouse/apartment and a return to each resident to their original housing lottery number and/or housing probation.

Important Dates and Deadlines

December 2 Build-A-House Application Opens
December 2 – February 3 Build-A-House Application information/promotion
February 3 Build-A-House Applications DUE
February 3-10 Interview/Presentation Sign-ups Go Out
February 10 – 21 Scheduled Office Hours Build-A-House Office Hours
February 14 Build-A-House interview sign-ups DUE by 3pm
February 14 Build-A-House Interview Confirmations Go out
February 10 – 21 Build-A-House Interview/Presentation Weeks
February 26 Build-A-House Acceptances/Declines Go out
March 3 Build-A-House Commitment Forms Due – Housing Lottery Forms must be completed
TBD Incoming Build-A-House Training/Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions

Build-A-House Applications are available on Life@Fairfield in the Build-A-House portal.

  • A theme or topic that you and your future roommates are invested in raising awareness about through programming in your junior or senior year.
  • A complete group for the Fall 2020 Semester of 4, 6, or 8 roommates all together and a plan if members of your house are studying abroad.
  • Legal Names, Stag card number and University Email for your group.
  • A list of 2-3 references that can vouch for your group’s investment in the program.
  • Filling out your Housing Application.
  • Group selected receive preferential housing pick for their class year.
  • Groups receiving funding and advising from the office of residence life.
  • Groups have added visibility living out their passion for a particular topic/theme.

You will receive a notification by February 10, 2020 with an invitation to interview.

After an initial review of your Build-A-House proposal, you will be notified by February 10 via email whether or not we will be inviting your group in for a presentation/interview. Once the Office of Residence Life has reviewed and approved your proposal, we will be extending an invitation to those groups for an interview. The group will need to prepare a 15-20 minute presentation that highlights why the theme was chosen, how each member became involved in choosing the theme and how, if selected, the group will launch the Build-A-House in the upcoming Fall semester.

The Presentation/Interview will be assessed in the following areas:

  1. The ability of the house to plan and implement ideas
  2. The house's commitment to the theme
  3. Knowledge of theme and resources available to assist the group
  4. Groups commitment to Raising Awareness, Creating Impact, and Promoting Civic Responsibility
  • Applications are selected because they are able to demonstrate a passion and drive to raise awareness of important concerns, to build community, and to create a positive impact not only at Fairfield but far beyond the campus borders.
  • Throughout your time in the Build-A-House you will live-out a purpose greater than each of us and truly become men and women for others.
  • Attend an info session posted on Life@Fairfield under “Build-A-House Info Session.”
  • Contact the Office of Residence Life, Meredith Smith, Associate Director of Residence Life, msmith13@fairfield.edu.

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