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First-Year Residential Experience: Welcome Home!

The first-year residential experience at Fairfield University is all about helping students transition to college, promoting strong community and setting up a foundation for success. Students living in our first-year residence halls and participating in our commuter programs will:

  • Make connections and build meaningful relationships with student leaders and neighbors
  • Participate in programs and activities that promote a positive transition to the college life and Fairfield
  • Build a foundation for success in their remaining years at Fairfield

Our Professional & Student Leadership Team

Each of our first-year Residence Halls is overseen by a live-in professional staff member who serves as the Area Coordinator (AC). The AC supervises a caring student staff of Resident Assistants (RA). RAs are upper-class students who have daily interaction with first-year students. Each RA serves as a mentor and resource to ensure each student has a safe, enriching, and fun experience in the residence halls. The Office of Residence Life also works with our commuter student population and supervises the Commuter Peer Assistants (CPA). The CPAs serves as a mentor and resource for our commuter students and has ‘office hours’ in the Commuter Lounge as well as programming to support commuter students’ transition and development at Fairfield.

Opportunities for Engagement in the Residence Halls

Each first-year residential community is equipped with study lounges with a white board, a TV lounge, and a kitchen. Students living in a particular residence hall have 24-7 access to these spaces. Students who are commuting or living in a different first year building have access until 11pm. This level of access allows all first-year students the opportunity to host or attend study groups or events taking place within the residence halls.


In addition to our First-Year Residential Experience, students can also opt into a First-Year Living and Learning Community.

The Living and Learning Communities (LLCs) are designed to support first-years in their transition to Fairfield and provide an added layer of connection and engagement for first-year students through intentional and fun experiences on their floor in the Residence Halls.

The first-year Living and Learning communities are open and available to all incoming first-year students. Fairfield offers 6 Living and Learning communities to choose from:

  • Health & Wellness: Students engage in a positive lifestyle that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.
  • Honors: Exclusive to incoming Honors students, the program is designed to complement the Honors experience and help honors students build a community based in academic discovery.
  • Leadership Through Service: Students aspiring to be leaders and make a difference at Fairfield and beyond.
  • Man-2-Man: Men seeking to form a brotherhood and define what it means to be strong man at Fairfield.
  • Sisters Inspire Sisters: Women students seeking a sisterhood and empowering each other to set positive expectations for self and others.
  • WiSTEM: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math: Women in traditionally underrepresented fields will receive mentorship and support for female leaders at Fairfield.

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