Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule - Undergraduate

Academic Year: 2019-20

Full-Time Undergraduates (Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Nursing)

Tuition $49,080
Room & Board - Residence Halls 15,150
Room - Townhouses 12,700
Room - Apartment Complex 12,700
General Fee 750
Orientation Fee (Freshmen only) 300
Orientation Fee (Transfers only) 150
Science Laboratory Fee (per course) 75
Engineering Laboratory Fee (per course) 100
Finance Laboratory Fee (FI101) 125
Nursing Testing Fee (per semester) 115
Nursing Laboratory Fee/Clinical Fee (per semester) 125
Media Laboratory Fee (per course) 70
Studio Arts (per course) 70/120

Fairfield University requires all full time undergraduate students to subscribe to a health insurance plan. Please go to for more information.



Part-time Undergraduates (all schools with part-time programs)

Summer Term & Intersession Terms $750/credit hour
Tuition (less than twelve credit hours; students admitted as part-time and remain part-time) $750/credit hour
Tuition (twelve credit hours or more) (Fall & Spring only) $24,540/semester
Tuition (Full-time Undergraduates going to part-time) $1,800/credit hour
Bachelor of Liberal Studies $750/credit hour
Matriculation Fee $60

Nursing (Adult & Second Degree)

Adult Nursing, RN-BSN $700/credit hour
Nursing BS - Second Degree Program $800/credit hour
Nursing Testing Fee - Second Degree Program $115/semester
Matriculation Fee $60

All Schools

Application Fee $60
Automobile Registration Fee (Full-time only) $150
Commencement Fee $200
Monthly Payment Plan $40/semester
Registration Fee (Part-time only) $35/semester
Returned Check Fee $35
Transcript Fee $5

The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition rates and make additional changes whenever necessary.


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