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Programs & Events

The Office of Student Engagement offers a number of programs and events throughout the year. Some of our programs and events are rooted in religion and reflection while others give us a chance to celebrate our accomplishments. And a many are just plain fun!

Activities Fair

The annual Activities Fair gives students, especially first-year students, the opportunity to learn more about and join one or more of Fairfield University’s clubs and organizations. Over 100 student clubs and organizations participate in the fair.

Alumni & Family Weekend

Fairfield has pulled together a unique schedule that offers alumni chances to network and reconnect, current students time to share their experiences with their parents, and for everyone to gather to celebrate Fairfield’s proud past and our amazing future. Reconnect. Enjoy. Network. Experience Fairfield traditions and the campus transformations.

Financial Assistance

The Student Life Financial Assistance Program is an initiative within the Division of Student Affairs that assists any students who may not have the financial means to attend or participate in University sponsored events, programs, or opportunities. All submitted applications are reviewed by a professional staff member of the University’s Program Review Committee, and are then sent to the department, which organizes the opportunity that the student is looking to participate in. Please note that this is a confidential process, and that the decision determined by the respective office/department is final.

Lucy Katz Dialogue Program

Named in honor of Lucy Katz, JD, former professor of business law and former holder of The Robert C. Wright Professorship in Business Law, Ethics and Dispute Resolution, the student peer mediation program provides mediation training and certification for students who go on to serve their peers and the University.

Leadership Recognition Awards

The Ceremony fosters a sense of community amongst our student leaders by honoring and recognizing those students who have gone above and beyond in service to their peers and to the Fairfield University campus community, and who have exemplified the Jesuit values that we hold dear.

Move-in Day

Highlights of Fall Welcome include interacting with Resident Assistants, New Student Leaders, and Community Associates and attending a variety of sessions and events.


Students will have the opportunity to meet fellow classmates, sophomore, junior, and senior student leaders, and members of the faculty and staff. First-year students will stay overnight in the residence halls, and learn some of what to expect from Fairfield as a member of our community.

Presidential Ball

Founded in 2003, the Presidential Ball serves as a kickoff for the fall semester where students have the opportunity to meet and interact with our University President. Pictures with the president are available on the back of Bellarmine Hall followed by dancing and hors d’oeuvres in a large tent. This is a tradition that students of all years look forward to.

Red Sea Madness and Fall Concert

Every fall we kick off our basketball season with a pep rally for our men’s and women’s teams. After some slam dunks, giveaways, and other red sea madness, we welcome our fall concert artist. Who will it be next year?

Senior Week

Senior Week is a weeklong program in May that culminates the Fairfield experience before Commencement. The week allows the graduating classes a final opportunity to strengthen friendships, reflect on their years at Fairfield and celebrate their accomplishments with faculty, staff and their families prior to graduation. Siblings Weekend Every spring semester, siblings of Fairfield University students are invited to spend time experiencing the fun and excitement of life as a college student. Weekend activities have included movie and game nights, meals in the Tully Dining Commons, tie-dye social, off campus trips to a local trampoline park, and more!

Student Achievement Awards

During the final weeks of the academic year, the University will recognize seniors who have made an impact during their four years at Fairfield University.

Student Positions

The Office of Student Engagement is home to many selected Leadership Positions.

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