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Parents/Guardians Checklist

Parents/Guardians, your student has several action items to accomplish within their own online checklist system. The action items are also listed in the action item section of the First-Year Student Guide.

However, there are specific action items that they may need your help with and/or for you to complete on your own. Please note all of the following action items are part of their online First-Year Student Checklist. If you decide to complete an item below, please ensure that your student has not already done it.

Parent/Guardian Orientation Registration (Optional, Due May 27)

Attendance is optional and highly encouraged. There is a $100 fee per parent/guardian, due at the time of registration. Don't forget to book a hotel for your overnight stay.

Parent/Guardian Information Form (Due as soon as possible)

Welcome to the Fairfield University family! 

How to complete: Please fill out the Parent/Guardian Information Form to provide us with complete contact information for important updates and significant events at the university.  We will send you the University's weekly e-newsletter and communicate with you throughout your student’s time at Fairfield.  For any questions, please contact our Parents Program Office at

Accessibility: Complete a New Student Intake Form (Optional, Due as soon as possible after May 1)

Fairfield University is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities an equal opportunity to access the benefits, rights, and privileges of its services, programs, and activities in an accessible setting. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Connecticut state laws, we provide accommodations to qualified students with disabilities to reduce the impact of disabilities on academic functioning or upon other major life activities. Fairfield University also recognizes the need for accommodations when a student is suffering from a temporary impairment and will work to provide accommodations to the student should the temporary impairment impact academics or other major life activities.

A student with a disability or temporary impairment who wishes to be considered for academic or campus- life accommodations at Fairfield University must identify themselves to Accessibility and complete the online registration process for accommodations.

How to complete: After May 1, create an online Accessibility profile and upload supporting documentation. Instructions can be found via in the "Consideration for Accommodations" section.

Proxy Access for Financial Aid and Bursar Information (Optional, Due June 1)

Students often rely on the support of parents and others to assist them with financing their education at Fairfield University.  In order to ensure that financial aid and billing information is discussed with approved persons per FERPA regulations, students will need to give permission to the Financial Aid and Bursar Offices to speak with designated persons.  This permission is granted through the Proxy Access process.

How to complete: Have your student complete this action item via the First-Year Student Checklist

Immunization/Student Medical Report Form (Due June 7)

Students are required to submit a confidential medical history and to document proof of immunizations which are required by Connecticut State law. Mandated immunization requirements are strictly enforced. Students may not move into a residence hall or begin classes until all immunization requirements are met.

The Student Health Center strongly recommends a pre-college physical exam. However, the Student Health Center requests that all students submit their health history and proof of immunizations (documented on the Student Medical Report Form) by June 7. Students may mail in their physical exam documentation at a later date if necessary.

How to complete:

  • Go to the website
  • Carefully review the list of required immunizations (Connecticut requirements may be different than requirements in your home state)
  • Download and print the “Undergraduate Medical Report Form”
  • Students should complete the health history part and the tuberculosis screening questions (Part I)
  • Present this form to your student's physician. Ask your student's physician to document their immunization history on this form. Additionally, your student's physician needs to review their TB screening questions. Students at high risk for tuberculosis will need to be tested (as outlined in the form).
  • Upload, mail or fax the completed form to the Student Health Center by June 7
  • (Go to for more information on returning forms).

Tuition Payment Plan Enrollment (Optional, Fall Semester Enrollment Due August 1)

For full-time undergraduate students, the University offers the option to pay for the semester on a monthly basis via a payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). This semester-based plan allows you to spread the semester balance due over a 5 month period.

For additional information, please visit the payment plans webpage.

Health Insurance Waiver (Due August 6)

Fairfield University requires that all full-time domestic* undergraduate students maintain or purchase a health insurance policy. Under Fairfield University's "hard waiver" program, full time undergraduate domestic students are automatically enrolled and billed for, this policy each July for the upcoming academic year. Again, this is an annual process, and the waiver must be filed for each year coverage is not wanted.

If the student has access to comparable or better health insurance through other means (e.g. parents' coverage), and does not wish to be enrolled in the University sponsored plan, the student must complete the online waiver and provide proof of coverage. Once the online waiver is completed and processed by the University Bursar’s Office, a full credit for the cost of the policy will appear on the student’s bill.

To view the details of the University-sponsored health insurance policy, please visit Any updates to the policy, including annual pricing, are available in May.

Students from outside Connecticut who carry HMO or network-based coverage are strongly encouraged to purchase the Fairfield University sponsored plan.

Instructions: The waiver will be available online in early June. To waive insurance coverage for the 2019-2020 academic year, have your student:

  • Login to the student portal, with their NetID and password
  • Search for the keyword health and then click on the “Student Health Insurance Waiver” icon to complete the form
  • Please be sure to click on the “submit” button on the bottom of the screen.

*Domestic students are either citizens of the United States or Permanent Resident Aliens (i.e. Green Card holder). International (non-U.S. citizens studying at Fairfield on a visa) are enrolled on a mandatory basis and cannot waive coverage.

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