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12th Annual Leadership Recognition Ceremony

The Ceremony fosters a sense of community amongst our student leaders by honoring and recognizing those students who have gone above and beyond in service to their peers and to the Fairfield University campus community, and who have exemplified the Jesuit values that we hold dear. Furthermore, the Ceremony recognizes student leaders primarily in elected and selected leadership roles on campus, along with developing student leaders.

The 2020 celebration will be held on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 8 p.m. in the Quick Center.

Leadership Recognition Nomination

Each year at the Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony, the University recognizes individual students, groups, and/or Faculty/Staff mentors who embody the Jesuit values via the Jesuit Leadership Awards  - Magis, Cura Personalis, People for Others, Contemplatives in Action, and Unity of Heart & Mind. To nominate any student, group, or Faculty/Staff mentor for a Jesuit Leadership Award (see below for descriptions), please fill out the Leadership Recognition Nomination Form by March 15, 2020 by 11:59 p.m. 

Jesuit Student Leadership Awards


This distinction is awarded to an individual or group of students whom have made a positive impact on the campus community over the last year. This student or group takes pride in the responsibility of citizenship and seeks to affect positive change.

Cura Personalis

This distinction is awarded to the individual or group of students whom have exhibited enormous growth in their personal and/or professional development over the last year. This student or group strives to be their best authentic self and is actively engaged in self-development.

People for Others

This distinction is awarded to an individual or group of students who have demonstrated leadership through their service and devotion to others over the last year. With humility, empathy and a sense of justice, this student or group strives to better the lives of others.

Contemplatives in Action

This distinction is awarded to the individual or group of students who have demonstrated leadership through ingenuity and creativity over the last year. Not content with the status quo, this student or group perseveres for innovation that impacts themselves and the community. This student or group is a true visionary.

Unity of Heart & Mind

This distinction is awarded to a mentor who has committed themselves to the holistic development (mind, body, & spirit) of student leaders. This person has established strong mentorship relationships with student leaders, made a significant impact on their development, and has empowered them to live authentic lives as Jesuit-educated student leaders.



Who sponsors the Leadership Recognition Ceremony?

The Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony is sponsored by the Collaborative Leadership Committee (CLC) and the various departments/programs that work with student leaders across campus, including the Career Center, the Office of Student Engagement, the Residence Life Office, the Office of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, Campus Ministry, the Center for Social Impact, the Department of Recreation, the Dean of Student’s Office, and University Advancement. The goal of the CLC is to assist in the development of a culture of empowered and celebrated student leaders on campus.

I am nominated for an award, can I bring parents/guardians/family/friends to the ceremony?

Absolutely! Feel free to invite friends and family to the ceremony if you are nominated for an award.

I am nominated for an award, what time do I have to be there?

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. We ask that you be there by 7:50 p.m. if you are a nominee. Don’t forget to stop by the check-in table to let us know that you are in attendance, and pick up your Stag Leader Pin!

When the does the ceremony begin?

The Ceremony will begin at 8 p.m. sharp!

How long is the ceremony?

We estimate the ceremony will end at approximately 9:30 p.m.

What is the dress code for the ceremony?

We ask that you wear something “snappy casual.” No sweatpants or jeans please!

If I win, do I need to prepare a speech or anything?

In order to ensure we get through the program as quickly as possible, we have decided to not allow speeches. Feel free to thank all of your friends and family afterwards though in the Lobby where we will have desserts and light refreshments!

If I have any additional questions about the ceremony, who can I contact?

You can contact Jeremy Kaler at jkaler@fairfield.edu if you have any questions about the ceremony.

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