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About Stag Heroes

“Stag Heroes” refers to those members of the Fairfield community—be they students, staff, faculty or others—who have strapped on their capes and flown from their homes, dorms and offices to help with any one of the many charitable or service initiatives the University supports. Be it for Special Olympics, a local soup kitchen, an after-school program at a neighboring elementary school, or perhaps an international service trip, Stag Heroes are everywhere!

Become a Stag Hero

We always have extra capes for those who are interested in adding “heroism” to their resumes. It’s easy—volunteer when you can, donate what you can, and spread the word to whomever you can. It won’t feel like work and it promises to be rewarding.

To become a Stag Hero, contact Todd Pelazza, call 203-254-4090, or simply donate via one of the links on our site. 

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About Jail N' Bail

Now in its 10th year, this Fairfield University Department of Public Safety Jail N’ Bail event has become a favorite in the greater Fairfield community. Each year, hundreds of students, faculty and others happily sign out warrants to have their friends and colleagues “arrested” and thrown in a temporary jail created just for the event. Once arrested, the charitably-minded convicts are deemed successfully rehabilitated only when they have secured appropriate “bail” as determined by the event judges.

While incarcerated, prisoners, officers, judges, and bail bondsmen alike all enjoy food and entertainment provided by local vendors and other sponsors. At the end of the day, a good time has been had by all and typically in excess of $20,000 has been raised for the Special Olympics of CT.

Jail N' Bail Most Wanted

We want to hear from you with who you feel is the most deserving of arrest. The three people who receive the most arrest warrants will be part of our JNB Most Wanted list, and extra effort to ensure their incarceration will occur. Sign an arrest warrant in their name, or to nominate someone you’d like to see on the JNB Most Wanted list.

2017 Jail N’ Bail Sponsors Include:

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