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Undergraduate Student Awards

During the final weeks of the academic year, the University will recognize members of the Class of 2023 who have made an impact during their four years at Fairfield University. We are asking for your help in identifying our outstanding seniors.

Nominated students from the Class of 2023 will be awarded the St. Ignatius Loyola Medal, the William J. Kramer ’60 Humanitarian Award, and the Student Achievement Awards. 

Graduate Student Service Awards

During the final weeks of the academic year, the University will have the opportunity to recognize one graduate student within each academic school and within Graduate Student Life who made an impact during their time at Fairfield University. Graduate students can be recognized for their exceptional dedication to, and enhancement of, a specific program, activity, organization, or project (or group of activities or projects) within the Fairfield University and/or greater community. The graduate student’s commitment to this activity must have resulted in the activity attaining a new level of achievement (a) not possible without the student’s participation and (b) above and beyond any work completed to satisfy a specific course or program requirement. The student should have clearly maximized opportunities for emotional, social, and intellectual growth throughout the duration of their program and best exemplifies the true spirit of a Jesuit education.


Past Student Achievement Awards Recipients

St. Ignatius Loyola Medal

Instituted in 1952, the St. Ignatius Loyola Medal recognizes one senior who has committed her/himself to the ideals of maintaining high academic standards and substantial involvement in community service and/or extracurricular activities. The student maximized opportunities for emotional, social, and intellectual growth throughout all four years on campus and best exemplifies the true spirit of a Jesuit education.

Year Full Name(s)
2022 Nwachukwu Ibekwe
Year Full Name(s)
2021 Seamus Digan
Jessica Castillo
Year Full Name(s)
2020 Courtney Krechel
Year Full Name(s)
2019 Elisa Castelli
2018 Zavon Billups
2017 Brendan McNamara
2016 Jacqueline Aquino
2015 Nicole Davidow
2014 Eric Lynch
2013 Daniel Jones
2012 Gregory Burke
2011 Eric Clayton
2010 Sarah Gatti
Year Full Name(s)
2009 Ahna Johnson - Undergraduate
Maryann LaBella - Graduate
2008 Timothy Dee
2007 Ashley Toombs
2006 John Gallagher III
2005 Meghan Flanagan
2004 Robert D. Keder
2003 Karen Donoghue
2002 Aimee V. Wagner
2001 Kevin C. Hayes
2000 Gregory E. Newman
Year Full Name(s)
1999 Christine Kelleher
1998 Robert Harrison, III
1997 Melissa J. Conroy
1996 Mark C. Reed
1995 James A. Sulzer
1994 James P. McDonnell
1993 Stephen C. Shannon
1992 Edward Hardiman
1991   Robert McCann
  Julie Ruggiero
1990 Laura Keenan
Year Full Name(s)
1989 Christopher Chiodo
1988 Karen O'Rourke
1987 Honora Willcutts
1986 John Mancini
1985 Fran Kenneally
1984 Mary-Margaret Walsh
1983   Karen Hill
  Elizabeth Kramer
1982 Janet Canepa
1981 Valerie Johnson
1980   Stephen Chessare
  Carolen Fette
Year Full Name(s)
1979 Thomas McLarney
1978 Geraldine Morrissey
1977 Patrick Cleary
James Johnson
1976 Clare Carney
1975 Richard Canel
Sean Harrigan
1974 Gary Dittrich
1973 Timothy Grace
1972 Richard Umbdenstock
1971 John Fallon
Robert Murphy
1970 J. Peter Notch
Year Full Name(s)
1969 Thomas Josefiak
1968 James DeFronzo
1967 Gerard Smyth
1966 William McCarthy
1965 Frederick Lorensen
1964 Charles Bialowas
1963 William Reidy
1962 Michael Kiernan
1961 Louis Parent
1960 Joseph Annunziata
Year Full Name(s)
1959 Randolph Harper
1958 Paul Nagy
1957 David McCarthy
James Rourke
1956 Peter DeMarco
1955 William Prendergast
1954 Joseph Macary Jr.
1953 Thomas Bepko
1952 John Relihan Jr.

William J. Kramer '60 Humanitarian Award

The William J. Kramer '60 Humanitarian Award recognizes one senior and is based solely on the senior's commitment to volunteerism and service to an external community activity that best exemplifies the Ignatian tradition of being men and women for others. This award is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. James J. Daly, P '85, '92, '93 in memory of their dear friend William J. Kramer '60, the first Fairfield University alumnus who served as the chairman of the Fairfield University Board of Trustees.

Year Full Name(s)
2022 Jasmine Nguy
Year Full Name(s)
2021 Luckario Alcide
Year Full Name(s)
2020 Christina Bogacz
Year Full Name(s)
2019 Eunsun "Sunny" Hong
2018 Camille Giacovas
2017 Alexandra Weiss
2016 Claretta Mills
2015 Katherine Pitz
2014 Astrid Quinones
2013 Sarah Joseph
2012 Julianne Whittaker
2011 Janet Latuga
2010 Steven Parker
Year Full Name(s)
2009 Colleen Gibson
2008 Megan Steel
2007 Marco Ambrosio
Jennifer Miller
2006 Mikaela Conley
2005 Jill Macari
2004 Todd J. Pelletier
2003 Reesa Antony
2002 Kathryn M. O'Connell
2001 Kerry E. Schardien
2000 Gregory E. Newman
Year Full Name(s)
1999 Aileen Ryder
1998 Angelica Fontanez
1997 Robbie L. Bleggi
1996 Maria Joy Santomauro
1995 Christopher M. Pilkerton
1994 Michael E. McCormack
1993 Lauren A. Nowicki

Student Achievement Awards

The Student Achievement Awards recognize seniors who have shown exceptional dedication to, and enhancement of, a specific Fairfield University program, activity, organization, or project. The senior's commitment to this activity must have resulted in the activity attaining a new level of achievement not possible without the student's participation.

Year Full Name(s)
2022 Gabriel Rodrigues
Lou Lopez Sénéchal
Mahfouz Soumare
Tobenna Ugwu
Year Full Name(s)
2021 Erin Curtis
Holly McGarrigle
Phuc Nguyen
Year Full Name(s)
2020 Shawn Hall
Pablo Idrovo
Domenick Laperuta
Claire Monahan
Fallon Sullivan
Year Full Name(s)
2019 Kathleen Curry
Lauren Hart
Brian Daley
Sydney Williams

Aura Cristina Agudelo Rivera
Justine Ferrara
Brendan Hunt

2017 Napali Bridgelall
Marc Lee
Kayla Valente
Kasey McNamara
2016 Blanca Aca-Tecuanhuehue
Erin Connors
Daniel Horstmann
Allison Scheetz
2015 Lindsey Hanley
Storm Miller
Alan Pelaez Lopez
Danielle Tullo
2014 Bayan Abunar
Spencer Colpitts
Alex Long
Cody Reinold
Vincent Romano
Laura Stakey
2013 Michael O'Keeffe
Courtney Onofrio
Alexandra Tarabour
Morgan Zachary
2012 Alicia Bissonnette
Kelley Brady
Jasmine Fernandez
Ivey Speight
2011 Dana August
Joseph Calvaruso
Lauren Johnson
Shawne Lomauro
2010 Megan Hallissy
Magarita Jules
Jeffrey Seiser
Christoper Staysniak
Year Full Name(s)
2009 Anne Krane
Jessica Vigliotti
Galen Vinter
2008 Frank Fraioli
Erin Hickey
Hutchinson Williams
2007 Kevin Donohue
Jared Mezzocchi
James Scholl
2006 Jacqueline Leclair
Alejandro Martinez
2005 Jillian Grant
Alison Hildenbrand
Kevin Neubauer
2004 Michael A. Ciavaglia
Gregory S. Iorio
Jessica R. Michael
2003 Sarah Courtney
Christopher Dill
Edward Seavers
Jordan Schibler
Jeffrey Stone
2002 Kevin M. Horne
Amy L. Hurford
Emily A. Sciascia
Kristen A. Yochum
2001 Courtney A. Darts
Timothy P. Healy
Felipe J. Polanco
Sheniqua V. Rowe
Stephen G. Winkel
2000 Karen M. Affinito
Lynda D. Jackson-Sealy
Jennifer L. Mazzo
Year Full Name(s)
1999 Mary Conk
Michael Franz
Kimberly Holmes
Brian Mello
1998 Christopher Cipriano
Robert Parmach
Elizabeth Slimmon
Bethany Walcott
1997 Christopher C. Deis
Emi Kondo
Elena M. Pienkowski
Alyssa E. Serino
Gregory Vierheilig
1996 Stephen A. Borla
Mark R. Mahoney
Mark W. Potter
Frank J. Riccio
1995 Lyra O. Espineli
Erica Lyn French
1994 Johnnie Jones
Edith M. Navia
Patricia M. Sullivan
Kirstin P. Wadewitz
1993 Valery Dufka
John Fink
Susan Jacavanco
Kathleen Latek
RoseAnn Ponticello
1992 Camille Banks
Matthew Hart
Christina Hennessy
Mark Justin
Colleen Leavitt
Kevin Talz
John Tedesco
1991 Kelly Anne Conlisk
Matthew Gallagher
Andrea Ottaviano
John Schratwieser
1990 Scott Arnold
Carrie Dodge
Heidi Donahue
Frank Jefferson
Deborah Leibold
Sean Leyden
Brenda McGowan
Louise Moon
Ann Perez
Year Full Name(s)
1989 Karen Beedenbender
Anne Betchkal
Anne Petrides
1988 John Cardinali
John Courtmanche
Dana Pellegrino
Christopher Ritchie
1987 Thomas Hulseman
Timothy Martin
1986 Tony George
John Habetz
Stephen Humes
Brian Sutton
Barbara Valentine
Gina Zarlengo
1985 Marybeth Curtis
Anne Dezendorf
Catherine Mulry
Delia Smith
1984 Kerrie Boyhan
Jane Conover
Ellen Gallagher
Bryan LeClerc
Joan Watt
1983 Cynthia Imbro
Kevin Keegan
Mary Kay Wysocki
1982 Michael Bentivegna
Kenneth Daniels
Carl Gustafson
John Ricci
1981 D'Arcy Ann Clark
James Haley
Gregory Mathis
1980 Bernadette Curry
Patrick McCabe
Michael Navarro
John Smith
Joseph Timpone
Year Full Name(s)
1979 R. Michael Dougherty
James J. O'Shaughnessy
Stephen T. Paulone
Anthony J. Pucillo

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