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rec_intramural10aIntramural sports are an integral part of student life at Fairfield University. There are more than 25 different intramural activities, including full seasons, one day, or weekend tournaments. Separate divisions include men, women, and co-ed participation. The Intramural program is administered by student supervisors and officiated by student employees.

If you need more information or are interested in becoming an Intramural official, please contact Ethan Godfrey, Intramural GA, via e-mail or phone (203) 254-4000, ext 2607.

Intramural programs at Fairfield require online membership and registration. To officially become a registered member, please click on the link below. Once there, your opportunity to register as an individual (free agent) or team will be provided.

Create an account on IMLeagues for registration, updates, and changes.


Fall Sports

  *   Volleyball (Co-ed)
  *   Outdoor Soccer (Men’s and Co-ed)
  *   Flag Football (Open League)
  *   3v3 Basketball (A League, B League, Co-ed League)
  *   Badminton (Open League)

Winter Sports

  *   5v5 Basketball (A League, B League, Co-ed League)
  *   2v2 Soccer (Men’s and Women’s)
  *   Handball (Co-ed)

Spring Sports

  *   Softball (Men’s and Co-ed)
  *   Table Tennis (Open League)
  *   Outdoor Kickball (Co-ed)
  *   Indoor Soccer (Men’s and Co-ed)
  *   Spring Volleyball (Co-ed)
  *   Outdoor Street Hockey (Open League)
  *   Spikeball (Open)


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