Women's Program

Women's Program

rec_wsoccer12aDuring the 2007-08 academic year, Women's Club Soccer joined the ranks of the Department of Recreation Sport Clubs. The club again competed this past academic year with both a fall and spring schedule.

Currently, the club is a member of The Women's Region One Collegiate Club Soccer League (WROCCSL). Matches are played across New England and the New York Metropolitan tri-state region. Sacred Heart, Northeastern, Connecticut, UMass, Rutgers, and Connecticut College are just a few of the clubs available for scheduling.

While some travel occurs during both semesters, the Department of Recreation has also hosted matches on Fairfield's beautiful Alumni Field. These matches are typically played on weekend days or under the lights for a great evening venue.

Women's club soccer has seen continued growth on the Fairfield campus, with their roster fast approaching 30 members.

It is indeed an exciting time to be a part of Women's Club Soccer at Fairfield University.


2016 - 2017 Officers

Kelly Kuplic President
Alanna Bollas Vice President
Joanna Sokolovic Treasurer
Meghan Guzewicz Secretary
Chrissy Foley SCC


2017 - 2018 Roster

Kelly Kuplic - Senior (President) - Forward

Alanna Bollas - Senior (Vice President) - Forward

Olivia Philbrook - Senior - Defense

Karlie Kuligowski - Senior - Goalie

Joanna Sokolovic - Junior (Treasurer) - Forward

Chrissy Foley - Junior (SCC Rep) - Defense

Caitlin Villano - Junior - Defense

Colette Seel - Junior - Midfield

Meghan Guzewicz - Junior (Secretary) - Midfield

Greta Freking - Sophomore - Forward

Kelly Drew - Sophomore - Forward

Julia D’Innocenzo - Sophomore (Captain) - Midfield

Bridget Gaughan - Sophomore - Midfield

Emma Daly - Sophomore - Midfield

Bianca Gadze - Sophomore - Midfield

Kat Mackenzie - Freshman - Defense

Olivia Sarantopoulos - Freshman - Defense

TaylorAnn Jacobs - Freshman - Defense

Courtney Mitten - Freshman - Forward 


Girls Abroad:

Vanessa Ciampa - Junior - Forward

Isabella Sangiacomo - Junior - Defense

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