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This club has a coed membership for both alpine skiiers and snowboarders as well as freestyle skiier and snowboaders. Club participants compete in 5-6 weekends of competition on  New York and Pennsylvania state area mountain resorts through January and February. The Ski and Snowboard Club is a member of the Atlantic Highlands Conference of the USCSA, the national governing body.

In the past, both the men and women alpine skiers and snowboarders have qualified for regional competition, with an opportunity to qualify for the national event.

Typically, each season's roster can exceed 20 members. While skill levels may vary, most club members have skiied or snowboarded competively prior to their enrollment as undergraduates.

2016  USCSA Nationals: Lake Placid, New York

From March 6th - March 12th, Ski and Snowboard attended the USCSA Nationals in Lake Placid New York. Fairfield did very well, particularly in Men's Alpine. As a team, Fairfield University ranked 17th overall with a place sum of 33. Ryan Carlucci placed 27th with 246.62 points. Matthew Duggan placed 83rd with 1186.72 points. Lucas Tinkham place

d 87th with 1209.25 points. Brendan Cary placed 90th with 1292.29 points.

2017 - 2018 Club Officers:

Ryan            Carlucci        2018     Captain

Lucas           Tinkham      2018     Captain

Grace           Farrell          2018     Captain

Brendan       Cary            2019      Captain

Head Coach: Bart Kalgren

2017 - 2018 Club Roster:


Lucas Tinkham Sr. Jackson, NH
Treasa C Guarino Sr. Saratoga Springs, NY
Grace Farrell Sr. Yorktown Heights, NY
Brendan Cary Jr. Natick, MA
Geoffrey Knotwell So. Milford, CT
Cody Ryder Fr. Carmel, NY
Matthew Book Fr. St. Louis, MO
Maggie Driscoll Fr. Milton, MA
Brookelyn Conte Fr. Stamford, CT

 Katie Litchfield

So. Hopkinton, MA
Thomas Summers So. Westfield, NJ
Kerry McHugh Sr. Seaford, NY
Julia St. Germain Sr. Wolfeboro, NH
Jaclyn Conte Sr. Stamford, CT
Thomas Mitsch Sr. Chatham, NJ
Erik Ekberg Jr. Westford, MA

 Adam Ostaszewski

Jr. Norwalk, CT
Paul du Toit Fr. Fairfield, CT
Liz Belinkski So. Skan, NY
Ryan Carlucci Sr. Beverly Farms, MA
Roberto Ramos So. Doylestown, PA
Kaylee Jones Jr. Duxbury, MA
Adam Assarian Fr. Belmont, MA
Ryan Lennard Fr. Brooklyn, NY





2017 - 2018 Schedule:




*USCSA Mid Atlantic Regionals


Atlantic Highlands Participating Schools & Universities:

  • Fairfield University
  • Columbia University
  • DeSales University
  • Moravian College
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Scranton University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Princeton University
  • Lehigh University
  • Rutgers University
  • Lafayette College
  • U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
  • Nyack College


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