Men's Club Basketball

Men's Basketball

Established in 2015 by students Sam Jensen '17, Heamon Williams '18 and Michael Vessicchio '16, Club Basketball is a great way to network and continue a competitive career at the collegiate level. This league operates as a step up from regular intramurals which involve only competition between other Fairfield students.

The team is a registered member of the National Club Basketball Association (NCBBA) and travels to play teams like UConn, BC, Villanova, Sacred Heart, Brown University, Trinity College and many others. Primarily our season consists of conference games and a regional tournament should we qualify. This previous year 2016-2017, the Club made it to their Regionals Tournament traveling to Boston, MA and competing with schools like Villanova, Boston College and Vermont College. They finished third in the pool but did not make it to Sunday play.

This upcoming year they hope to improve on their .500 record last season as well as advance beyond pool play in the regional.

2016-2017 Team:

Mens Basketball Club Sport

Club Officers:

Heamon Williams  Sr.  President 
Sean Farley Jr. Vice President
Clayton Coffey Sr. Interim Vice President
Conor Peterson So.  Officer

2017-2018 Roster

Heamon Williams (C) Sr. 
Clayton Coffey (C) Sr.
Conor Peterson (C) So.
Sean Farley Jr.
Anthony Falcone Jr.
Antonio Myers Jr.
Danny Vignola So.
Darnell Macon So.
Kevin Sweeney Fr.
Matt Milone Fr.
Nick Arduino Sr.
Sean Hickey Jr.
Shawn Hall So.
Will O'Kane Fr.
Xavier Cole So.


2017-2018 Schedule:

Wk. 11/6/17- 11/12/17 Home Berkshire
Wk. 11/27/17- 12/3/17 Away  Boston University Reg. Tournament 
Wk. 12/4/17- 12/10/17 Away  Skidmore
Wk. 1/22/18- 1/28/18 Home Goodwin
Wk. 2/5/18- 2/11/18 Home Sacred Heart
Wk. 2/19/18- 2/25/18 Away Trinity
Wk. 3/19/18- 3/25/18 Away Regional Playoff Tournaments
Wk. 4/2/18- 4/8/18 Away NCBBA National Championship Tournament

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