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Martial Arts

Fairfield's Martial Arts Club operates under the instruction and guidance of Norwalk Tang Soo Do and its instructors. This club is open to all undergraduates. Students will learn the basics of Korean Tang Soo Do as they advance through the ranks of biannual belt tests.

The Martial Arts Club practices on campus at the Quick Recreation Complex on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. Beginners are always welcome. Fairfield also provides a place for experienced martial artists from other styles to hone their skills. Everyone has the opportunity to test if they choose. This is only required of beginners. Experienced members are encouraged to share their knowledge with the class and possibly take on the responsibility of aiding with instruction.

In class, students learn Tang Soo Do forms, terms, self-defense, and sparring techniques, which are a fun and useful alternative to the treadmill! Additional costs may apply if students wish to participate in one or more of the tournaments attended by the Martial Arts Club. Members (especially beginners) are encouraged to compete in or attend these tournaments in order to broaden their knowledge of Martial Arts in general, and to mingle with the Martial Arts community they are joining.


2018-2019 Club Officers: TBD





 Anthony Mastrocola



 Jill Stifano 


Vice President

 Alyssa Hogan 



 Arlette Medina


Sports Club Council Rep

 Rachel Belmonte



2018-2019 Club Roster:

TBD  ‌

Doug Peoples
7th Degree Master Belt: Tang Soo Do

Anthony Trotman
2nd Degree Black Belt: Tang Soo Do

Previous seasons in review 

The club participated in two invitational martial arts tournaments, hosted by Springfield College and Southern Connecticut State University. Several of Fairfield's members received honors at those events:

Southern Connecticut State University - 3rd place "B" Fighting Team
Khang Tran - 1st place Beginner Forms
Adrianna Spinella - 3rd place Intermediate Forms
Sara Homewood - 3rd place Black Belt Forms

Springfield College - 3rd place Overall Team
Adrianna Spinella - 1st place Team Sparring and 1st place Women's Intermediate Sparring
Mick Cumiskey - 1st place Team Sparring and 1st place Men's Intermediate Sparring
Khang Tran - 1st place Team Sparring and 1st place Men's Intermediate Sparring
Lisa Frazier - 2nd place Intermediate Traditional Forms
Marissa Lischinsky - 2nd place Black Belt Open Weapon Forms and 3rd place Black Belt Women's Traditional Forms
Kevin Richard - 3rd place Black Belt Traditional Forms

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