Men's Program

Fairfield University Men's Club Lacrosse became a sports club within the Department of Recreation during the fall 2009 semester. The team is a proud member of the National College Lacrosse League and competes in the New York Metro Division.

2017-2018 Club Officers:

Gio Bio - 2018 - Co-President 

Daniel Gleeson - 2018 - Co-President 

Matt Moody - 2018 - Vice President 

Peter Leary - 2019 - VP to the Vice President 

2017-2018 Club Officers:


Women's Program

‌Fairfield University Women's Club Lacrosse is in its 8th year of operations as a Sport Club within the Department of Recreation. The team is a member of the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) and the East Coast Women's Lacrosse League Association (ECWLA).

2017-2018 Club Officers:

Kelsey Cusack - 2018 - President 

Caelie Batelli - 2018 - Vice President 

Laurel Nothel - 2018 - Secretary

Brianna McCleary - 2018 - Treasurer 

2017-2018 Roster:


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