Field Hockey

Field Hockey

Fairfield University is proud to announce that Club Field Hockey has continued operations as a Sport Club within the Department of Recreation. Through the efforts of an enthusiastic group of undergraduates, the club conducted organizational meetings, and registered over 20 undergraduates during the fall 2016 semester.

Fairfield applied and was accepted into the National Field Hockey League (NFHL) with honorary membership status. Moving forward, the Department of Recreation anticipates the club will maintain its membership status for years to come.

Currently, as an honorary member, Fairfield is listed on the National Field Hockey League web site. This allows the club to schedule games with other regional universities throughout the academic year. Typically, the fall semester is considered the field hockey club's season of formal competition. Both full and honorary members of the NFHL are eligible to compete in the league's annual spring tournament.

Club members determine their tryout, practice, and game schedule for both semesters. Home contests are held at University Field, located on campus.

With the undergraduates' continued commitment, Fairfield University and the Department of Recreation are looking forward to further develop the club field hockey program in the coming years.

Go Stags!


2017 - 2018 Club Officers

Christina Boalt 2018 President
Michaela Conlon 2019 Vice President
James O'Day 2019 Secretary
Christina D'Agata 2019 Treasurer


2017 - 2018 Roster


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